: Stock Brake Problems

12-24-06, 12:09 AM
Has anyone experienced their stock brakes squeaking in cold weather. I seem to hear my brakes usually squeaking in cold weather right after I brake when I leave for work in the morning. It goes away after I drive for a bit and then brake again.

there's only 2k miles on my escalade right now so I really don't doubt my brake pads are already worn down...

feedback please.

12-24-06, 01:25 AM
I've noticed this as well... I just assumed it was due to moisture - after hitting the brakes a few times, it goes away.

12-24-06, 11:21 AM
My brakes have almost always squeaked during wet and cold weather. As said above, after the first couple of stops the squeaking is gone. I had the service guys look at the brakes about a year ago, and they told me they were fine. When the rotors get dirty or glazed over they will just squeak.

They offered to resurface the rotors as a temporary fix, but admitted it wouldn't be a permanent fix to the problem. I chose to do nothing and live with the squeak. http://www.ar15.com/images/smilies/smiley_thinking.gif (javascript:insertText('[:/]');)

12-26-06, 10:21 AM
It happens to my wifes Lexus because she parks outside. Only happens when its cold and wet/rain outside. No biggy. It'll squeak the first couple times of braking, then after, its completely gone.