: 93 STS N* P132 (E132) ... Knock Sensor Circuitry Failure

12-23-06, 11:19 PM
As you can see by the TITLE
P132 (E132) ......................................... Knock Sensor Circuitry Failure

I'm getting this code on and off for a while.... Doesn't usually stay on longer then 10 minutes. Recently I noticed my car is having a rough idle and rough take off, but this also goes away and comes back. But now its happening everyday.

Also I think I have to change my plugs and wires but I don't know if that can set off a P132?

12-23-06, 11:32 PM
No but I think you have a knock sensor starting to go away from age/use and its getting worse. Or the wiring to the computer has either a short to ground or power.
There are other possible causes but these are the 2 I can think of. If I can get past not having a car to hook to with my Solus Ill look up all of the tests for that code (the trouble shooter part sometimes gives good clues as to where to look first).
Now dont do this unless you have a good High impeadance DVOM(IE Fluke,etc) but if you can backproble very carefully the knock sensor circuit with your DVOM on AC scale you will most likely either see a flat reading or some very strange readings when it runs bad. If its an intermediate problem then its most likely a bad KS sensor.
Good Luck and keep checking back and Ill try to point you in better directions.
Lee Abel

12-24-06, 10:01 AM
Dunno if it matters, but I wouldn't worry since I put premium in the car anyways. I would worry if you use below 91 octance though.