: Best Exhaust Upgrade for a 96 STS.

12-23-06, 09:11 PM
I was thinking of upgrading my exhaust in the time to come and was curious on which would be the best. I found that Dynomax Thrush mufflers have basically the same dimension size as the stocks, 20in. length, 9-10in. width and 4-5in. thickness with the 2in. offset/center pipes. Any others worth considering?

12-24-06, 12:18 AM
I've heard the Corsa systems are real nice for the STS if you can find one, I've got an Eldorado so I am out of luck as far as the Corsas go. Does not really bother me much though as I kind of value my piece and quit especially in a luxury car.

12-24-06, 12:27 AM
The corsa system will not fit a '96 without some custom adjustments.

But the corsa does use 2.5 inch piping so i would recommend have a good shop (mandrel bends only) make you a nice catback with piping and some decent mufflers that you think sound good.

I would go with a high-flow cat, and only two mufflers if not one. Or if possible, keep your stock exhaust and just wled in an electric cutout. Have the cutout after the last o2 sensor and if possible, before any cats/mufflers.

12-24-06, 09:28 AM

12-24-06, 10:04 AM