: N* Forged pistons

12-23-06, 02:35 PM
What year did the N* engine get forged pistons?


12-23-06, 04:33 PM
AFAIK, all pistons are cast aluminum, except the 4.4L "V" models

12-23-06, 04:42 PM
As far as I know only the newer XLR-V that comes supercharged has forged pistons from factory.
But keep in mind that the engine that comes with it is a whole different animal than the one that comes in all the front wheel drive cadillacs. And besides you can't use those pistons in a front drive N* since the bore is smaller and therefore won't fit. (4.4 Vs 4.6), You will need a whole engine and for that matter guess what it won't work either since the thansmission housing, the engine mounts and couple other things are different too...

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12-27-06, 07:02 PM
Any thoughts???:)