View Full Version : Looking for a core N*/Aurora V8 crank,,,

12-23-06, 04:26 AM
Ok first let me explain what I am looking for. A first generation (95-99?) V8 crank with intact crank wheel, and in one piece. Journal condiditon is irrelivant.
I have purchaced 3 different "Northstar crank wheels" and so none will make the DIS read and fire and I do have the crank sensors split properly.
what I am doing is prototyping a bolt on DIS kit using the N*/Aurora DIS and since the module ONLY likes the N* wheel I need a good one.
I am going to cut this crank into many little pieces so I dont want to destroy a good crank but I am willing to pay shipping to my zip (47553). Now according to the ones I have located on EBAY to ship from NY its around 30 bucks so I figure with wrapping and boxing it should be in the $50 range(?) hopefully.
I am hoping to find someone who has had problems and repaired thier engine and still have a useable (for my purpose) crank.
Basicly I am going to find TDC ,mark it and then cut the wheel out and have some CNC'd. Then will get the setup ,with dual crank sensor mount ready to bolt on and then it will work with most GM 7pin HEI. WE found out the EST from most GM is the same as we added DIS to a fellas car and it never knew the difference without the distributor(2.5 in older S10) and it controled the timing even better than the dist with computer.
Seems GM really thought out the DID and kept the same software archetechure from the EST spark control dist over to the module.
So anyone got a trashed crank they dont need?
Email me at Xanadu4024@aol.com
Lee Abel
PS I do have a fella wanting to put DIS on his older caddy but I am not sure if its HT or the 425/472/500 type but I figure it will get a prototype set up for kicks as soon as I get the wheel to set up (I love CNC as we can make the wheels and then reprogram to bore the mountings later and I can make them fit ANY V8.Thanks

12-31-06, 08:18 PM
So only one person emails me and never gets back to me? come on guys I need a crank for the early N* with a good crank wheel and it doesnt have to be one with good journals.
Please help as i do not want to trash a good factory crank but if I can find a core then Ill buy one off ebay and cut it up.

01-05-07, 08:42 PM
i have a crank laying around but its from a 4.6 northstar 99 i belive

01-05-07, 10:56 PM
Hey can you get me the casting number off the crank? If its right what would you need for it and where are you located(zip code) so I can figure shipping.
I'll dig out my AERA books and see if I can get some numbers.
I was hoping to get one with like bad journal or something as I really hate to destroy a good crank.
But if the price is right and all , I am interested.
My Email is Xanadu4024@aol.com I am still a few post away from being able to send PM's yet.
Lee Abel

01-07-07, 05:32 PM
the casting is # 3544669