: V up for sale

12-22-06, 01:47 AM
I'm selling my '05 V with 26,000 miles. It has a new motor (ls6) with 550 miles on it, broken in correctly at rpms lower than 4k and I have been running it at different speeds (on freeways) to ensure good compression. The motor blew out of my V because I had a poor dyno and air/fuel adjustment, getting too little fuel made the motor hot and it blew 2 cylinders. The car is in great shape and condition with a new differential with 5k miles on it, Eibach springs, Asanti wheels with all new tires, new brakes, LPE throttle body, LPE intake, Corsa exhaust, and UUC shortshifter (not installed yet), and fake cats :worship: (aka test pipes). Give me a call if you are interested at (949) 870-2036. The reason I am selling the car, is because I live in Orange County and I drive to Los Angeles every day (36 miles) in traffic in a stick shift and I need an auto. I will post more pics tomorrow. Black on black.

12-22-06, 01:59 AM
also, i bought the CAGS eliminator kit online afew weeks ago which is included. Here are some pictures...