: Variable Valve Timing question on GM V6

Joseph Upson
12-21-06, 07:14 AM
It's not cadillac related but someone here may be able to help.

Working on a Twin turbo project for my Fiero and currently have a 2005 3500 60 degree V6 and 06 6spd transaxle getting ready for install. I would like to have the 3900 V6 instead but can't seem to find important facts about the VVT to see if the engine will run descent using an earlier OBD II PCM with reprogramming and non functioning VVT until we figure it out for control with an additional programmable computer.

To date I know the in block cam has a 120 degree lobe separation which though it's good for forced induction is too much especially if the engine were to be run naturally aspirated, but may be modifiable to a little less separation with a cam regrind. I don't know how the engine will run with the cam at default position with no phasing. Since it's hydraulicly operated I read that there is no function below 1000 rpm or during warm up in a general posting not related to the engine specifically.

Anyone with knowledge about the voltage and pulse rate to the two wire cam phaser as well as what to expect with the engine running but the VVT disabled would be greatly appreciated if you could advise on the subject.