View Full Version : Do I void waranty integrating video?

12-20-06, 08:23 PM
I am getting a BestBuy headrest monitor system integrated with my factory video system. I believe the installer is going to solder connections into two places on my truck. I am also thinking about buying an Ipod integration unit.

I was wondering if this will cause a problem with my warranty? So if I have problems with the navigation system and then they see that my truck has a connection soldered to it will the warranty still be valide.

Thanks for any help!


12-20-06, 08:33 PM
if it can be proven that the accessory caused the problem then yes they will void the warranty on the navigation if thats where they solder.. but more than likely best buy should only have totap into a video output or something.. do you have factiory flip down??? what year is your truck?

12-20-06, 08:45 PM
it's agaist the law for a dealer to void warranty on the vehicle if there are aftermarket accessories.
however, if Best Buy (in this case) will tamper factory wiring, then you may loose warranty on your Nav Radio
Best buy is known for soldering everything , makes no sense, but it's Company Policy.
I don't see any reason why they have to solder or doing anything else behined your escalade radio.

12-20-06, 08:47 PM
If a problem develops related to the modification then you either have to pay or take it to the people who installed the modification and have them deal with the problem.
The warranty will only be affected on the systems related to the modification and should be handled based on it's relevance to that modification.