: LS2 Engine covers

12-20-06, 06:49 PM
Will the LS2 engine covers from the Vette fit our cars ? I have a 2006 V. Is it a bolt on or are there some mods to be made...thanks

The Tony Show
12-20-06, 07:00 PM
A few small cuts with a dremel are needed to clear some hoses and such, but they snap right on.

12-20-06, 07:03 PM
The right side fit okay, but it took a little trimming with the Dremel to fit the left side. I believe it was a little off the rear and and trim to fit over the power steering on the front. It wasn't much trouble; a twenty minute job. Looks much better than the Cadillac cover!

12-20-06, 09:47 PM
would it be cliche to put them on my ls2 05 :D