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03-08-04, 05:25 PM
New member, 94 sts, Im having the usual oil pan leak problem as well as a crank sensor that needs replacing. :crying2: Unfortunatlly my info guages recentlly went out and im sure I could smell burning wires the day i found out that they didnt work anymore But my speedometer, gas and rpms work just fine. does any one have any suggestions for troubleshooting this fines mess? :confused: Also since the guages do not work, im not able to access the codes unless i pay the garage to do so.:bonkers:
Also I noticed that the trans bell housing had an inch long crack on it and im am wondering what may have caused this and if I can repair this easily:rolleyes: And finally, when i drive my car, the car makes a not so funny buzzing noise that last for a few seconds when starting out both in foward and reverse.. this sounds as though the traction or abs may be at fault so I thought about disabling the traction to further troubleshoot the situation but was wondering if prolonged disabling will cause any harm to the caddy? Any info and or thoughts would be greatly appreciated and also what would be the easiest way to remove the crank sensors aside from removing the motor:banghead: thanks for your time:coolgleam SES light comes on at red light and idles high

03-08-04, 05:36 PM
WOW! You've got some trouble. Don't know anything about the gauges but it seems your first repair should be that bell housing crack. Can you describe exactly where this crack is? That may have to do with the noise.

The crank sensors are easy. They are right at behind the rad on the engine block. It's tight but you should be able to reach up in there to get at them.

03-08-04, 06:59 PM
If you have access to a digital camera post a pic of the crack.

Take a look under the dash for the burned wires. I think you have a trim panel under the dash you'll have to remove to see up there.

If you have burned/shorted wires you'll have to investigate how much damage there is. If it's only a couple of wires you might be able to fix. find out what's wrong and you'll get some advice.