: Finally My Cady!

12-19-06, 11:30 PM
Well after years of wanting one.. I finally Got a 2003 Escalade ESV! I love it.. It has 57,000 mi on it...

I do have one problem. I have noticed that when slowing down to stop when i get to around 12mph i get a bump sensation.. I have done some reading on here and saw that it may just need for the computer to have an update installed... I am out of warranty.. Has ne one else experienced this.. If so is it hurting me driving it like that? How much u think to fix???

12-20-06, 06:51 AM
Congrats on your truck. :) The "bump" is it from the brakes or the trans?

12-20-06, 08:31 AM
I believe it is the tranny downshifting to hard.. not sure.. but ive read some other post and that was there problem also just needed a computer fix.. What do u think?