: 93 Seville Bose self amplified/Sony Hu Success!!

12-19-06, 10:33 PM
I have successfully hooked up a Sony cdx-GT510 head unit to a factory bose gold self amplified speaker system!!!! And it sounds great! My first step was to get a metra harness from installer.com it was harness number 70-1857 "tuner bypass/amplifier integration" and a dash kit number 99-2002 harness total 80 bux including tax and shipping Arrived at LIGHTNING SPEED TOO 2days. Then bought a HU.. I've always had good luck with sony products so why not. I bought one that I could add a changer to. THE KEY PART ,, must, I repeat must have front and rear RCA outputs. Mine has 6 rca jacks front and rear and aux/ left and right respectively.Read your manul on this setting mine has to be set to "rear out" instead of subwoofer. I first tried to hook it up starting in the trunk with everything so I could troubleshoot right there. Pluging in the wires from the tuner located in the right side of trunk below ant.
The three plugs on top go in the same spots on the new harness. All the rest Ant,plugs in, rca's, then using the factory harness that came with the HU I hooked up the Power ant. Red/hot 12v/yellow ,,(ALL three black grounds hook to HU ground)I grounded with a pigtail to a good bolt.nothing unusual. PROBLEM ONE... When switching from tuner to cd on the HU my antenna goes down and I get no sound from the cd.. It's playing but there is no sound coming out. My radio was giving sound. SOLUTION: I called where I got the HU answer: When going to cd the rca internal amps shut off unless the BLUE wire in the new harness is hooked to the AMP control wire on my unit sometimes called ACC. NOT the antenna wire. The ANT wire loses signal when on cd. I've seen that problem on other posts. PROBLEM NUMBER 2.. I was getting a terrible POPPING in the speakers whenever I would change channels or change source.. Enough that I thought I would blow something. Called stereo place.WRONG ANSWER!!!! ,,Rip out all of your speakers and re-wire from scratch. LOLOLOLOL Called installer.com Dwayne was very helpful asked how I had it hooked up and things sounded good so He reffered me to METRA and gave me their number. I called them and got their tech support. Spoke to ERIC he was also stumped. BUT he took my e-mail address and would get back to me. SOLUTION::: when I got home there was an e-mail telling me to install a pair of "Ground loop isolators" . Went to radio shack and got 2 of them with a M to M adaptor for each.total 18 bux each (I've seen these cheaper online but I used these) put them in at the HU then plugged into the speaker wires in the harness.. WORKS GREAT AND SOUNDS GREAT. full controls. All of this took me from Sat. at Best buy to Wed. eve. today
3 days.. I don't work on sundays,,And I have a day job. not bad.. Good luck I hope this helps someone. INSTALLER.COM rocks! And thanks Erick at Metra I'm thinking about some tweeters for a little more highs I'll be sure to post how that works out.... Good luck Joe

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12-20-06, 09:22 PM
:yeah: and any pics?

12-20-06, 09:38 PM
Do you need pics to help you? if so I suppose I could take a few when I pull out the seats and such.

12-21-06, 09:55 AM
^^ Nah I just want to see the end results if you could take pics. I just like to see pics!

12-21-06, 06:11 PM
he just likes posting to see his name...
hes a post whore...
lol jp dp

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^^ :crying:


12-21-06, 08:27 PM
Is it Jason? I think I saw another post where you mention going to yards for parts. Am I correct? Although I am trying to solve the water in my taillights issue. Any Ideas? Thanks Joe

12-21-06, 09:09 PM
yup thats my name
and indeed i have a local you pull it with a lot of 92-95 caddys that i do parts runs for so long as i get a deposit for the part up front
ive herd that removing them and baking them in an oven on low heat will help evap all of the moisture then you plug everything back in and use cocking or hot glue around the seams to help make it air tight...
ive got an eldo and my dads seville is the newer style 98+ so i personally havent had to try it...

12-21-06, 11:32 PM
well how do I get hold of you outside of here and we can talk parts?!?!?
Hadn'r thought of the hot glue idea. Now that has potential. Jut looking for a couple of trim pieces at this point(unless I can't fix the tail light issue.)
I picked up a really nice shape 93 with 54K on it from an estate sale original owner.. In So. Ca. on thop of that! needs a few things but very nice. I have a freind of mine who has always had cadillacs. My next door neighbor has had sts's for years and I've always wanted one. Well the more I drive this car the more I like it!!!

12-22-06, 12:24 AM
pm me start a new thread or email me anything works

09-18-10, 01:54 PM
I'm really sorry to bump this, but searching online provides little info and MrGifford seems to be the only one with experience with the 70-1857 harness. Can you tell me what, if any, other issue's you encountered when installing and using this harness? Anything like security system/alarm trouble or inadequate power to the headunit? Thanks

Interceptor STS
10-27-10, 10:33 PM
Work great, #1 for me with ground loop isolators and no power problem or anything else with harness 70-1857 !

11-25-10, 10:39 PM
QUESTION: can anyone (maybe the OP of this thread) tell me the best length of RCA cables to run from the HU to the trunk of a 93 Seville? I'm getting ready to purchase another Monster Cable MicroXLN 6-channel RCA cable but not sure what length is sufficient to run along the door trim to the trunk. It comes in 3, 5 and 6 meters (9, 16, and 19 feet). I was thinking the 19 foot length just to be safe but don't want to waste extra money if the 16 foot length would work. I'm preparing to install 3 Precision Power amps in my trunk but the signal is going to go through a Clarion 6 channel crossover first that has separate front, rear, and sub ins & outs. I realize these RCA cables are NOT cheap! They sell for as much as $110 for the 19 foot one! But I got lucky last year and found a brand new one on Amazon for $55.

Thanks for your help. This is my first Cadillac and I'm I want to do my install correctly.

This is the last system I was building last year. http://s254.photobucket.com/albums/hh100/Hairball98498/98%20Stratus%20stereo/

This one in the Cadillac is going to be even MORE awesome! So far (not including hardware) it's going to consist of:

Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X494 (head unit): $140
Precision Power PPI S420.2 (front amp): $140
Precision Power PPI S420.2 (rear amp): $140
Precision Power PPI S1300.1D (sub amp): $280
Infinity Kappa 693.9I (rear speakers): $130
Infinity Kappa 50.9cs (front speakers): $160
Pioneer Champion Pro TS-W3002D2 (subs): $135 ea
Clarion MCD360 (crossover): $90
(Tweeters to be purchased later)

Will post pics as soon as I get the stuff, then of the install steps!

09-18-13, 02:28 AM
Where did u end up grounding the stereo at? I'm looking for a good ground point for my 94 seville STs. I have an aftermarket kenwood stereo that shuts off at high volumes.