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12-19-06, 08:46 PM
Just like N0DIH is pondering re-motoring his baby, I am now thinking of dumping my wife's beloved 1999 Stratus after the piece on tonight's TV which - in effect - proved that "size matters" after all. And those Ralph Nader types who said it didn't were full of manure.
Bottom Line: I love (and wife is crazy about) the fuel economy of the Stratus which gets 23 in town and 34 on the highway. Plus, since it was blueprinted, ported, relieved, polished and had bigger valves and other assorted goodies put in it, goes like stink. It's a real sleeper and makes hash of unsuspecting kids in their sporty clunkers. BUT . . . I want wifey in a CADILLAC!
Therefore, since I certainly don't have the 50 plus, large, for a new Escalator or some such, what kind of fuel mileage can be expected from the older "square bodies" of the pre-1990, rear-wheel drive variety?
Further, has anybody done a conversion with - say - an LT1 and a 5-speed?
I have a buddy who would just love to have a deVille coupe in his garage for a month and do such a job for me for not too much dough. (Wife loves the 5-speed in the Stratus)

12-20-06, 06:49 AM
My old 1991 Brougham got around 16 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway.

The best MPG I have achieved in a Cadillac was in my 1999 Concours. 19 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway.

LT1 and T56 6 speed is feasible... there are even a couple of L05 5.7 liters running with T56 6 speed trannys.

12-20-06, 01:27 PM
Thanks, Elias.
16/25 is about what we got with the 79 Cordoba. In fact, the city mileage is better. We got about 13.
Gene, my buddy, builds rods and is very familiar with the 6 speeds and also the LT1, so that's encouraging.
What bugs me worst of all, is the air bag since wife is under 5' tall. We already have pedal extenders and the airbag off-switch cost $800.00 to do it legally thanks to all the government crap and paperwork when the Stratus was new.
(The first airbag death was in Danbury, CT; another short woman. Low speed bump in traffic. Airbag went off, hit her in the chest, stopped heart, killed her).
The older Cadillac does NOT have an airbag in the steering wheel and the car is big enough that only the very worst collisions will give her enough of a chance to ease my worries.

12-20-06, 03:05 PM

If you find a 5.0 liter TBI, you can always swap a T5 in it as well. The T5 trannys are about half the price of the T56.

12-24-06, 05:39 PM
i drive an 85 RWD fleetwood brougham and i get 15-17 in the city and anywhere from almost 30mpg (if im going at 55) to 24 (80mph +)

i have the HT4100