: Winter AS Tires: GY RSAs or Avon 550s?

Ryan's '05-V
12-19-06, 07:30 PM
What do you prefer or want? I bought some Avons when my F1s were gone and recently bought some used RSAs to put on since a pair of my Avons was getting to low to turn in my lease. Well, I'm getting rid of my car a couple months sooner than expected and I don't need a pair of the RSAs or a pair of Avons.

Which pair would you prefer as I want to sell a pair as they are useless to me?
One of the RSAs has about 10"/32 left and the other 6/32". I actually have a third RSA with 10/32" with a patch near the sidewall.
The Avons are both about 8/32" and perform pretty equal from what I can tell.
I'm thinking the Avons because they are equal unless someone feels other wise. I need to decide pretty quick.

I will post them in the for sale section along with my B&B X pipe.

Please let me know what you think, thanks Ryan