: sound and security advise 89' B-HAM

caddy's home
12-19-06, 10:00 AM
Hello everyone,

I read this form for some advise but it seems that you all are a little above my head. The last time I did any car audio work was in high school in the 10Th grade. That was 27 years ago. All I did was switched out a cassette players and two 6x9s. using regular speaker wire.

I visited an audio shop and they are talking about cables, security that starts your car automatically and can be set to go off if the wind blows hard, speakers that will take up so much space that my spare tire and jack must be compromised. They talked about up grading my dash ( It took me 10 min. to find out that they were talking about a CD player or the likes).

For the past 12 years I have been driving an 95' Dodged pick-up with factory cassette system. My wife had a caravan then switch to an 99' Dorango. I am out of the audio and security loop.

I just brought an 89' Brougham. I want security on it ( the that would trigger if the car is rocked) before I invest in some Dayton's and music. However the 4 b carb. will not let me start it up without some primming. I want keyless entry and trunk pop. I would like to up grade my cassette to an CD player that would not change the dash board from it's original look. Possible up grade an CD player from a later brougham and then install it.

I want a little thump but do I have to get ride of my spare and jack? I will scoot it over to the side if need be. I listen to all music but I like music with a deep bass line (George Clinton, Dr. Dre)

Any advise so when I go back to the audio shop I will be able to speak the same lingo?