: What is "RDS" on the Bose system

12-18-06, 02:35 PM
What is "RDS" on the Bose system?

12-18-06, 02:43 PM
Radio Data System
when on when radios send out radio names and song titles it will display it on the radio face

12-18-06, 03:18 PM
Or any other static info the station decides they want to show you. Station name, web address, music type, etc.

12-18-06, 03:22 PM
ahh, spiffy...nothing i really need to aspire for...

12-18-06, 08:26 PM
Do stations even broadcast stuff using RDS?

12-18-06, 08:56 PM
about every one by me does

12-19-06, 12:31 PM
^^ Really? I wonder if stations I get broadcast that stuff.

12-19-06, 09:00 PM
you can use a bose rds head unit in your car even without a bose system DP
upgrade to a bose rds dsp unit its worth it

12-19-06, 09:09 PM
Yeah they all do. It's a cool feature.

12-20-06, 10:21 PM
you can use a bose rds head unit in your car even without a bose system DP
upgrade to a bose rds dsp unit its worth it

Now I am shocked. I would never think the ohms and amps and all the other stuff would work. If I had my stock hu I would def do that. I might just do this to the SLS (if I find a cheap RDS hu!!).

Would it be hard to do?

12-20-06, 10:28 PM
thats the thing
the bose hus is the same hu
they are the same they are both non amped hus thats IT
the difference in part number gives you the BOSE word on the plastic screen
other than that they are the same delco unit
someone on the forum had an active audio hu blow up and replaced it with a bose unit on my reccomendation and it worked 100%
its a cake walk install a 98-01 bose radio take it to the dealer with proof of purchase have them flash your vin into the radio and there you have it, you now have rds dsp etc etc etc
and it should also save your driver 1/2 stuff...

12-21-06, 10:51 AM
^^ The Seville (and my Eldo) doesn't have memory seats so that wouldn't be a problem.

So a valid receipt would be from ebay?? That's a first! :p Gonna keep a eye out for a cheap one. Thanks. :thumbsup:

Just out of curiosity then, could you replace a stock Bose head unit in a Bose equipped car, with a non-Bose one? I guess so right? And it wouldn't sound electrically wrong (hissing, pops, etc...)?

12-21-06, 12:16 PM
it depends on the year hu you use and the application
some hus were internally amped
yours in your seville is not it has an external just like bose

12-21-06, 09:13 PM
^^ Ok thanks. When/if I do the Bose hu swap, I will be sure to post questions and results. :)

12-22-06, 04:15 PM
ETC, got some questions for you if you don't mind. I am looking around for a rds headunit, and I came across some.

A) This one would work right, it has Bose and RDS:

B) But would this one work, it only has RDS:

C) And could I get this one to work, its for a Catera:

^^ This one says it would only wok in a Catera, but it looks exactly like the others. It does have a different # though. But its so cheap!! And there are a lot of cheap Bose & RDS head units in my searches.

Let me know if each of them would work please. :)

12-22-06, 07:55 PM
Cateras are weird and even though look the same something about them and the Cateras BCM are weird.
You cannot use the Catera HU due to this
the 1st two should work 100% if i were you id go with the non Bose just so your not faking (like putting a V emblem on a base CTS lol) but hey they are alot more common and probably cheeper.
But in answer to your 1st question both the 1st and 2nd hu will work.

12-22-06, 10:34 PM
^^ Thanks!! I really appreciate it. If I wasn't out, and didn't owe you more points, I would give you again! :thumbsup:

Damn, the Catera one would have been so cheap!

12-22-06, 10:53 PM
lol i know
i would say it was possible
but someone tried it before against my advisement
and needless to say...
they had to buy another unit lol
yes though both of those upper units shall work

12-23-06, 12:29 AM
lol i know
i would say it was possible
but someone tried it before against my advisement
and needless to say...
they had to buy another unit lol
yes though both of those upper units shall work

This sucks, my 1997 doesn't have that gold writing on it. Whats the difference (its still bose).

12-23-06, 12:38 AM
lol 1 year
96-97 Bose units had no built in CD slot only a cassette deck
in 1998 Caddy had a bose dsp rds single slot cd player with casette...
your 97 has no cd player built in, just a trunk mounted unit
i bought and upgraded to a 99 Eldo/ Seville hu
the bitch was taking it to the dealer for them to program my vin into the car to unlock the theftlock...
it took them 45 mins before they called me over
i then explained it to them an walked them through it
all you have to do is have them go into the tech 2 and enter it in as a 98 Eldorado (in your case Seville) and then it will have the theftlock feature and then can enter your code into the hu.
Works 100% i gained RDS and Indash Cd Slot...

12-23-06, 10:18 PM
^^ Oh I was wondering how your 97 got cd! Good workaround. My dealer would never do that for me.

12-23-06, 10:53 PM
yup its how i work with these cars
buying the equipment and running tests
to be honest i didnt know if it would work and if it would lock up every time after because my car didnt have theftlock
but it worked fine
this is also why i need an 02 nav system to do the write up
need it for the test and im willing to use my eldo as the guinea pig

12-24-06, 10:58 AM
^^ Damn. So you just need a dvd navi?

Well thanks for at least using the Eldo for testing...I would be too scared! Plus its too old for once! :p

12-24-06, 11:10 AM
its too old?
what is?
hey i cant walk ppl through it less i have it to figure out how to do it
i have no doubt i can get it to work juz cant write how without it

12-27-06, 12:53 PM
My 95 Eldo is probably too old I mean (for the new model cars).