: Fleetwood & Metra 70-1856 Tuner Bypass harness

12-17-06, 11:19 PM
In the eventual process of doing a new HU in my '95 Fleetwood. Already have the proper Metra 70-1856 Tuner Bypass harness, but am wondering what else--if anything--I might need wire wise, and also are there any common issues with this kind of install?

I'm presuming, at least from looks, the harness gets plugged in at the trunk, run up front, and then simply spliced onto the harness of whatever HU I get...correct?

09-06-07, 08:25 PM
Just happened across this ... but you're correct. But you probably already know that.

09-06-07, 10:13 PM
Yes...it worked out PERFECTLY. Did the Metra 70-1856, spliced the end onto the harness of my new Pioneer DEH-P480MP head unit, went about routing the big long thing back through the car, plugged it in, and BAM--flawless. Everything works like OEM, just a much more controllable and sophisticated head unit that also sounds better, and aside from time tearing the interior apart, it was easy as could be.


Did it all back around Christmas time.

04-10-13, 05:25 AM
i know its been years since you posted this but im literally in the process of doing exactly what you did to my 94 seville sts, however, i have the bose system and i need to bypass the tuner aswell. does this bypass method work with a bose wired care even though i have aftermarket speakers?