: 2003 Escalade - Remote Start Security System Question

12-17-06, 09:40 PM
I currently have a 2003 escalade with an aftermarket VALET remote start. Also, i have the delphi aftermarket GPS navigation....The signal or range on the remote start has recently gotten weaker. I changed out the battery in the remote but it didnt help. I have to be within 15 ft for it to start, very annoying. What is the problem?

I looked at some new systems, especially the Clifford Matrix 10.5x remote start and secuirty system with the LCD key chain. For $329 its a great deal. However, i have been told not to install or be extremely careful with aftermarket security systems and remote starters as the can FRY your computer on escalades.

I want a better security system or remote start, what should i do? get a cheap VALET system? Why did the signal or range get weaker? Is it risky to get this Clifford Security system?

Any suggestions with what will work in my situation?