: Key doesn't work on the doors

12-16-06, 03:34 PM
Here's an odd one for ya... I went to lock my tailgate the other day & it didn't work, I could only turn the key about half way... I had an appointment at the dealer for an unrelated item so I figure I'd just tell them to look at it. They called me & said the key starts the truck but doesn't turn the driver or passenger door & only turns the tailgate lock half way. I've always used my remote to unlock & lock the doors. I've only had the truck a few months so I called the origional owner. He said he never used the key to lock or unlock the doors either, only the remote. He also told me he he lost his keys years ago & they made him a key at the dealer using the origional key code but it didn't work for anything. Sure enough I told the dealer this story & they said no way. So they made a key from their key code they got from my vin. Guess what, it didn't work, it didn't even look like my key (the cuts that is). So my question to the group is can I have my locks made to match my ignition key without changing them? Can they just be recalibrated or something?