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12-15-06, 11:24 AM
In the process of collecting things to do a new stereo in my Fleetwood, I found a local guy who owned stereo shop but just recently closed it--and still has a lot of Metra wiring harnesses & mounting kits.

He doesn't have every single thing they make, but does have most, and is selling most for $10 vs. the $20-80 elsewhere. I'm getting some things from him for people on another board, and he said to spread the word, so I thought I'd extend that here. I'd just send it off myself then, and it's still a lot cheaper than elsewhere.

If there's anything you might want or need, look it up here:


and post here or email me, and I'll add it to my list to look for and pick up.

12-15-06, 03:38 PM
if he ahs a metra gmos-06 ill take it...
and a fit kit for a 96+ Cadillac Eldorado/Seville

12-16-06, 08:54 PM
Marked it down, and will check. Didn't make it over to his place today, but hope to tomorrow.

12-17-06, 10:08 AM
CadillacETC1997- Just met up with him, and he's pretty sure he has both of those, just has to get back to his shop and double check. I'll try and get them today, hopefully, then.

12-20-06, 05:02 PM
If He still has a metra gmos-06 ill take it...
and a fit kit for a 2000 DEVILLE emailme at ericturner@netzero.net

12-20-06, 05:06 PM
CadillacETC1997 I just figured out that u beat me on that bid for the gmos-06 dude now u know u don't need that harness let me buy it from you :)

Winning bidder: cadillac1997etc

12-20-06, 05:42 PM
actually i need the gmos-06 for my dads car
i dont need the gmos-03 anymore though if your interested...
it can be modded to use a factory amp and ill do that for you...
i was eyen that since it was posted and offered the guy 20 bucks for it he said no
i coulda had it for 99 cents DAMN YOU!

12-20-06, 09:23 PM
^^ :rofl: