: 01 Deville sub upgrades

12-15-06, 08:34 AM
I have an 01 DTS with the Bose NAV system in it. I think the factory sub is 10" ? Is there room to go up one size back there? If it's 10" to 12" if it's 8" to 10".

Obviously I would stay within the same frequency response range for best sound quality and within the same power range to get the most from the system.

I'm just looking to tighten up the bass a little without spending oodles of money.

12-15-06, 09:32 AM
prob have to modify the hole and get a larger grille

12-15-06, 11:18 AM
Well I figured that wasn't really necessary. I was just going to put the sub there and deal with the smaller hole and grille.

Will a larger speaker mount there?

12-15-06, 11:20 AM
if the holes too small then no
thats why i said youd have to modify the hole
you need to get a sub thats the size of the holee less you feel like cutting it open more...

12-15-06, 02:34 PM
Hmm yeah I guess that was a dumb question wasn't it? Ok never mind.

Thanks for your help

12-15-06, 03:40 PM
could always replace the sub with a kicker free air sub and run an amp off it
that would help 10 fold without taking up major room with a box set up...