: SERVICE-Stability & then Brake Assist Sys

cpt canuck
12-15-06, 12:37 AM
Bought a used 2005 SRX two weeks ago today. 10,000 miles nicely equiped
V8/AWDR/heated seats/third row seats/rear air/ultraview.

Love the car - brought an end to 12 years of family "need" for Suburbans =95/99/03 extending from Dec 94 to Dec 2006. Two kids off to College - down to the "three of us". Purchased SRX from same dealer that I bought last two subs from. We had been looking at buying a new Toyota Highlander Hybrid - they kicked me in the butt by offering $12,000 for 03 SUB LT on an 06 model. Buds @ faithfull GM dealer showed me $19,000 on SRX. In Canada the 10,000 miles equated to a $35,000 depreciation discount from new (including trade "bump"). First thirteen daze went incredibly smooth - love every aspect of what is now a "perfect" fit for smaller family + a ton of fun to drive!

So - trouble started yesterday and has persisted. GM guys not Cadiallac dealer. Closest Caddy dealer actually 120 - 300 miles away. TEch spent an hour looking for code error to correct "Service Stability System" and then "Service Brake Assist". Unit was totally gone through prior to sale and operation does not feel compromised = other than "traction control light" plus "brake" lights come on. Snowed five inches today (ski hill opens on weekend :-) = very slippery conditions = need the traction control & brakes believe or not, to be in unquestiuonable working condition. Know waht I mean Verne?

Begs the question I know one of you know the answer to; does "Service" errors mean;
1. Something is wrong with elecrical/code system - not a critical incident, and wait it out for long time dealer to figure (trailer hitch has arrived and is waiting to have appointment booked at GM dealer).
2. "Service" encouraging "service" of stated components - if so is this usual at 10k and if not is it a big ticket repair item?
3. Get your butt to nearest authorized Caddy dealer and get it "done right"?

Your thoughts/input appreciated.

Cpt Canuck.. .

12-15-06, 01:47 AM
I would recommend 2 things since Cad dealer not near:
1) buy 2005 SRX Service Manual from HELMS (800-782-4356), a 3 volume set of repair manuals including trouble codes and diagnostic procedures (~$135 US;
2) buy a "ScanGuage" (www.linear-logic.com) for reading ODBII or CAN (~$150 US) to read out trouble codes, clear codes, other data from the vehicle computers that could either help with trouble analysis or save a trip to the Cad dealer.
I have not regreted purchasing both almost immediately after buying my 05 SRX N*V8 RWD....peace of mind for me.

10-11-08, 11:07 PM
I know this is an old post, but maybe cpt is still around, if so, did you every find the resolution to this problem, I'm having the same issues.

Infrared in Idaho
10-13-08, 03:23 AM
Got an 04 that had the "service stability system" come on. 04's and some 05's have this problem. There is a sensor located in the steering column that is defective. The computer that controls the stability system receives signal inputs from this sensor, indicating which direction the front wheels are facing. I was told by my dealer/technician it does not take away from the safety nad operation of the vehicle. Replaced mine six months after the light first came on.

11-08-08, 12:59 PM
Dealer replaced the HUB and speed sensor, works great now, thanks for everyone's help!

12-07-10, 07:26 PM
My 2004 SRX has the same problem and was advised by the Cdaillac dealer in Owen Sound Ontario the the ABS module (pump motor and valve body are fritzed) to the tune of 1800. for parts.

12-08-10, 04:10 PM
No extended warranty, or you are over the mileage cap I assume. Ouch!!!!