: Am I the only one with these problems?!?!?

12-14-06, 10:17 PM
I have an 07 Escalade. My driver's door mirror vibrates from 65 and higher mph. Also when my windshield wipers run slow they make noise and wen fast they make almost a slapping sound on the driver's side at the top of the windshield? Anyone else have these problems.

Also I got aftermarket 22's DEFINATELY needs 24's!!! Who would have thought 22's would ever look small?

I went with the black on black, upgraded the side vents and grill to mesh, glad I did so it stands out!!


12-15-06, 07:04 AM
I just picked up my replacement 07' Escalade and drove thru blinding rain for several hours and no wiper problems on the new one of the "older" one. I have had 3 07's and no mirror shake or mirror wind noise at any speeds. Your truck looks nice, I wish some times I lived where there are palm trees, then I cound run 26's, but up here 22's are as harsh as I can stand.

12-15-06, 07:55 AM
wow, your truck looks nice! :thumbsup:

12-15-06, 08:59 AM
I have the same shaking mirror, but it's noticable from 45 mph and up. I've twice talked to the dealer about this, but they just blow me off. On my 2nd visit, I had a TSB printout on how to fix it, but they still claimed that it would do not good (didn't even try).

I'm thinking I'll take it apart myself and perform the work. It is just an explanation to tighten up the springs.

After my second visit, the software upload changed my wiper operation slightly... for the better. No more phantom wipes, and it appears more sensitive to light rain. Before, it would refuse to wipe during sprinkles.


12-15-06, 09:50 AM
My wipers are a bit noisy but nothing that I cannot live with. They and the phantom setup work well. No issues with the mirror.

12-15-06, 10:41 AM
I made an appt to have the insulation checked on the drivers door. Tired of all the wind noice and whistling on breezy days.

Does anyone have a tsb for the fix ?