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12-14-06, 10:06 PM
Hi all. I just got my CTS-V a week ago. I figured that meant it was time to join the CTS-V forum.

First off is there a FAQ? I saw one for the site but not the this forum.

The car: Raven Black, with the upgraded suspension and F1 run flats.

First impressions? Wheel hop. Wow - the TC engages on the 3-4 shift?!?!
My first run was at 15 degrees outside temp and I was surprised how much less the stabilitrac and TC kicked in compared to my 2004 C5 (probably because it was an automatic and the computer could force upshifts).

Second impression - Hey - I don't need that CSAG eliminator I bought. Looks like skip shift is GONE. Too cool.

80 lbs of weight in the spare tire compartment and dropping the air pressure down a bit - Third impression - wow. This thing can really go if you can ever get it to hook up! Does not quite corner with the vette or sky ($23K, .91 g), but amazing for a sedan.

Newbie suggestions welcome!


12-14-06, 10:58 PM


Black Sunshine
12-14-06, 11:01 PM
Yo!! I'm new to the CTS-V, too. I'm REALLY (unsuccessfully) trying to resist the MOD disease.

I was warned not to "over-ride" the missed second shift by forcing it. It does it if you don't pass 2500 RPM's or sumpin close to it on your 1st-2nd gear shift.
Some haven't spent the money because they ALWAYS surpass that on their shift.:rockon:

I installed it as my first mod. I drive around town too much.

Next, I snagged a catback exhaust (~$600) on one of the many Group Purchase (GP) deals you'll find on here. Just installed it and got great SOTP results and it sounds great, too. (now I gotta put in some brownbread sound deadener in the megaphone of an empty spare tire compartment. jeez, will I ever stop?).

Bought a CTS console (light grey) off EBAY ($49) to strip off the taller armrest with storage compartment. The cover is in the upholstery shop getting a CTS-V matching cover made and installed ($20). Painted the armrest box tonight with SEM ($9) to match. Back in the car tomorrow night.

Mounted a Cadillac Loyalty grille badge (from the dealer), a pair of Holden 5.7 High Output V8 badges (free from a friend in Kuwait) on the front fenders, removed the CTS badge on the trunk and replaced it with a nice Cadillac badge ($5) I also snagged on EBAY and installed a set of WeatherTech wind deflectors ($100) on the side windows. A fellow named WW on here is also making some nice clear foglight lenses and etched side marker lenses. That'll be my last mod for a lil while (yea right! almost out a grand already and I ain't even got to go super fast stuff, yet, but he sure is set up very comfortably for now)

Can't wait to take it to the track and see what ol' shakey leg can get outta him. So how ya liken those F1 runflats? If they wear out prematurely, G.Y. is giving $200 per tire for those poor souls that have had to make use of their kind offer.

You're looking for the CadillacFaq page. Reed put it together and maintains it on a separate site from the forum. http://www.cadillacfaq.com/faq/index.html Daum, Lynden, you're just a lil quicker to the point tonight.

Seems to be some really nice folks here, some knowledgable about road racin, a few about drag racing and most everyone else just trying to keep their cars together. Have fun and let's get together for some racing some day.

Oh, and if ya hang around long become a Supporting Member.

12-15-06, 12:08 AM
Welcome guys !!!!
You're gonna love it here, support this forum and the FAQ site. You'll get your donation back many times over.

12-15-06, 12:21 AM
Welcome - careful of that wheel hop! You will break stuff!

12-15-06, 12:40 AM
Naaaaaaaaaa. Just means you need to mod it more..:thumbsup:

12-15-06, 12:50 AM
"Daum, Lynden, you're just a lil quicker to the point tonight."

I used to have a GF that said the same thing...........:helpless:

12-15-06, 12:55 AM
:welcome: to the family.

12-15-06, 09:56 AM
Welcome guys !!!!
You're gonna love it here, support this forum and the FAQ site. You'll get your donation back many times over.:yeah:

12-15-06, 11:04 PM
Did anyone else have the traction problem new? Even very slight throttle in 1st or 2nd would get the TC to kick in quickly. It seems to grab a lot better now with 1000 miles on it and the new tire pressure and weight in the back.

The intake box is interesting - drawing air from 3 points. One looks like the stock CTS location in the fender well of the front tire, one from in front of the radiator. Where does the 3rd go - the brake duct??

12-16-06, 12:52 AM
Got mine at 125 miles. Drove it home 2300 miles. I didn't experience TC coming on unless I stepped on it more than "slightly". Although now that I think of it when I got home it did come on when I hit it in second. I just thought that it was cold pavement=poor traction. I really have to wait for spring or a good chinook...

12-18-06, 09:26 AM
:welcome5: :welcome: :nanaparty: