: Almost 2 years old, now back window shatters

12-14-06, 07:35 PM
In a few more weeks, I will have had my 2005 STS for 2 full years. Beautiful car, love it. Two of my neighbors have bought one since I got mine (I hate that).

Anyway, just parked in my garage the other night, the rear window in my STS shattered on its own. Apparently it is being covered by warranty, but there is such a large backlog of shattered rear windows, they said it would take until February (2 months) get a replacement.

Long story short, they want to put in aftermarket rear window. Any thoughts on this?

12-14-06, 08:29 PM
No issue with an aftermarket. Many dealers contract with an outside company to do their work anyway.

c5 rv
12-15-06, 07:24 AM
Be sure it is handled as a warranty repair at no charge to you.


07-27-08, 11:38 AM
Don't do it. I have NEVER saw aftermarket stuff that had the same quality as OEM. Aftermarket stuff just doesn't have the fit and finish as OEM stuff thus the quality is not there. I bet the aftermarket glass is about 20% -30% cheaper than from Cadillac.It's your call but I would say NO.