: No current Escalade factory problems---according to my dealer

12-14-06, 05:36 PM
Dropped off my '07 today for a 1500 mile sanity checkup and software upgrades. I asked the service manager if there were any problems or issues that he was seeing that I should look out for. Naturally, he said no so I dug further and pressed him for anything that I be aware of on long trips. Again he stuck to his no worries response. He said there were some issues in the beginning but nothing that was consistent and most all had been squared away. I pointed out the noise from the nav system and he said that was the first he had heard of it and the first complaint. Said if it bothered me that much they would just swap it out for a new one. No questions asked. He also did not appear to be aware of the tranny hesitation noted on this forum. I pointed out the all-data GM bulletins and he said a refresh should correct These guys sell a lot of Escalades so I have to believe if there was anything on the horizon that he would have said so. Nice to have a good dealer backing my purchase. Thus far anyways.:yup: :yup: :yup: