View Full Version : Where can I find an EXT?

12-14-06, 01:52 PM
I'm in the UK so have to find an EXT the hard way. I know about autotrader.com and obviously there's always eBay

Any other online sources? Doesn't really matter where I find the vehicle, if its within 250 miles of a port the shipping cost is inclusive, if its further away only adds $400 to the cost - given its going to cost me $5000 to get it to the UK and modified to fit in with our regs, another $5000 in UK taxes - that $400 pales into insignificance

Prices seem all over the place, seen 02s as low as $16k, and dearer than $30k, seen 03s as low as $19k (missed it) but most are $24k upwards - but even seen an 04 at $22k. My budget is probably around $23-4k tops but getting fussy!

Don't like Silver Sand, not sure about Diamond White, sat nav would be nice even if I have to source a compatible DVD for the UK, DVD in headrests would be nice but that's being a bit picky, and 20s would be nice, much bigger might be too bling for my taste. MUST have tow kit as that's why I'm looking for one

And really needs to come from a proper dealer as its a lot of money to wire to someone who might disappear with it!

Grateful for any help I can get here so I can join the ranks of owners