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12-12-06, 08:59 PM
My dad and I have been working on this car for 5 years now. When we got it, it was a complete wreck. The floorpans were rusted out, it had 1/16 of an inch of baked on paint, it had been sitting since the early 70's. It was going to be just a basic fix and paint, but the old 331 is 6V and we wanted air condition and 12V.

Now we also had a 94 Lincoln Mark VIII that was wrecked and in bad shape, but the suspension and motor was in good shape. We figured hey, why not take the whole suspension and drivetrain out and put it in the Cadillac. It passed family vote and we started out.

We started by pulling the old motor and tranny out, then we hit a snag, this motor won't FIT. Not to be deterred, we simply hacked the A-Frames off and took the whole front end off from the Mark. Next we reinforced all the sides where we cut and extended it out enough to stuff the subframe of the Mark on the cadillac. And it looked sorta like this...


Now we took the strut towers off and placed them on the Cadillac. Followed by the entire front suspension and wheels. and that looks like this.


Next we placed the fenders and hood on and it looks like this.....

The project has been put on hold several times over the last few years due to medical reasons, but it is going to continue this winter. Our next step is to put the independet rear suspension in, get the dash put in, get the steering working and get it moveable.

Anyway I hope you enjoy and I will continue to post updates and pics as we go.

12-13-06, 08:27 PM
Interesting... We don't usually see alot of the early Cadillacs on this site. You are fortunate to be able to do that kind of work. I am very un-mechanical, so I could not attempt a project like what you are doing.

Thanks for the pics.

JRau in central Iowa

12-13-06, 10:16 PM
That's fascinating. But I wonder if such a conversion would have Harley Earl and Henry Ford defecating little thistles. :bonkers:
The suspension geometry would be very interesting and I wonder what effect the wheelbase difference might make.:hmm:
Please - - - keep us posted.:D

12-14-06, 12:26 AM
The wheelbase isn't that far apart between the Mark VIII and the Cadillac believe it or not. The beauty of the geometry is that everything is exactly like it was on the Mark VIII, right down to the subframe bolts position on the frame. The only thing different was the height and we built the motor mounts higher, but in the exact same position.

12-14-06, 01:01 PM
Wow, that car is like a Lincoln vs. Caddy war all in itself!

Great project, best of luck. I am all for guys who use their own resources to make something BETTER than it originally was. Kudos