: Parts Car number.... I dont even Know!

12-11-06, 09:33 PM
It cant be good when i cant remember what # this one is.

It all started 2 weeks ago when i had a few Brougham parts on ebay. A guy in Norwalk CT emailed me asking if id be intrested in buying his "90 Brougham Delegace with tan cloth interior." I got right on that, as i want cloth delegance seats for my car. Its a tripple tan 90 from florida. and has light front end damage, from being at uhaul, and i guess while they were installing a hitch, it rolled off the ramp, out the door into the back of a u haul. Other wise it was sopose to be mint. Mint inside and out, 100k miles. No frame or radiatior support damage. Shinny paint, and he stressed on a like new interior. Beautiful car. So i got the idea of a fix it up and unload it.

I call him up, and since he doesnt have a digital camera he sent me a disposible camera with 28 shots of it. Got them developed, and it was a bit more rougher then i thought. but for 500 i thoguht it could be cleaned up.

So saturday AM i started the 3 hour trip down. I pull up to his house car trailer and all... and see the car right off.
Boy was i surprised/disapointed. the car was a ****ing LOAD. I ended up putting my upset face on and took it home for $200

As it turns out it had a smashed radiatior support, rust, faded paint, 73k miles more, and a completely dead battery. And that MINT interior consisted of cigarette burns and stains all over, It was bad. Guy was also a ligit child molester/45 year old fairy. Glad i brought my dad with me. his boyfriend came out and watched us load it on the trailer.

I have never heard someone say this before, but the pictures DO justice for the car, its alot worse in real life



Pros... it had a solid back bumper (no rot for you southern people who never expericned a rotted back bumper)
A brand new trailer hitch
A nice front bumper that is going to adorn my car
These cool pull straps on the roof that i have never seen before
and in the trunk was a new set of gold fender trim, which i have never seen before in my life, and would have looked like complete shit on this car.

Cons,, nothign that he said was accurate, at all. And he was a fairy.

12-11-06, 09:54 PM
Judging by the last owners, are you sure you'd want those seats it your car? lol.

I wouldn't even try to fix it up, just part it.

12-11-06, 09:55 PM
P.S. how's the steering wheel leather? It looks a little worn, is it sticky?

12-11-06, 10:02 PM
Damned shame. At least she won't endure any more abuse.

12-11-06, 10:25 PM
Steering wheel is well worn, moldy, twisted leather, and torn. :(

Yah parts car only.

I didnt tell you guys about my last "parts car" a 91 Delegance Blue on Blue 77k miles. moonroof.

That one is rotted bad underneith. Def a parts car aslo
So i have 2 whole ones. one gona be fixed up, that white "90 Special" and a coupe deville that needs a few more things to be froe sale, i got my 90, and also a 83 fleetwood coupe parts car.