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12-11-06, 01:16 PM
this has probably been discussed many times, but my search efforts came up empty.

i'm torn between the v and the goat, and i know there isn't much difference between the two. i like the styling of the v, but the goat is less expensive. what do you guys think of the two cars?

Seattle CTS-V
12-11-06, 01:22 PM
Both great cars... One is a 4-door and the other a coupe. The goat seems to deliver better at the drags and the V better on the road course. If money isn't the biggest factor then you probably already know which car forum members will suggest!

12-11-06, 01:23 PM
The way I see it, the difference between a 30k hot rod and a 50k hot rod is the rattles...well, at least thats the way it should be. I too looked at a gto, I'm happy I went with the caddy. I can pull up to X-Mas parties where everyone else is in a benzo or jag and fit right in..at the same time I can go down to the local track and pull some good #'s...with 4 doors...too me, it just made sense, I heard one guy call a gto a "boy-racer", but y'know, it's all personal preference.

12-11-06, 01:43 PM
I have a '04 GTO.
The CTS-V handles better and has better and more expensive brakes.
Which cost significantly more to service.
Acceleration is fairly close but you don't have the axle hop prob as much with the GTO. The only time I have had axle hop is on the 1-2 shift or in the rain.
The GTO has good room in the backseat but getting in and out is awful.
You can buy an new '06 GTO for less than 29K which makes it a lot of car for the money.
So far the probs on my '04 have been:
Rotors warped twice. Not a probs for '05-06s.
Radiator hose loose.
A/C replaced.
Lower front seat cushion squeaks.

I have really enjoyed the car. very comfortable and lloks great with my Ronal wheels,

12-11-06, 01:52 PM
>cts-v vs gto

How about cts-v vs grand cherokee srt8!! Those sons of B&*^*$% are freakin fast!! I saw one blow down the street a few weeks ago.

Silver Dollar
12-11-06, 02:07 PM
For me it all comes down to the doors. 4 vs. 2

And if I was going to get a 2 door with an LS2 it would be a vette. The theoretical back seat in the GTO doesn't factor.

12-11-06, 02:25 PM
I looked at both. The back seat and the trunk were the deal breakers for the GTO. I ended up with the a used V for about the same price with only 4500 miles. I'm glad I got the V. To me it is a better handling car and more fun to drive. There is a GTO vs. CTS V thread on the GTO forum at ls1tech.com with a poll. The CTS V is winning the poll by almost 2-1 on the GTO forum.

Rey Rey 650
12-11-06, 02:34 PM
GTO is an ugly asss car IMO

12-11-06, 02:44 PM
The V is more expensive? Well, duh, of course it is! But it also comes with a lot more amenities (Nav system standard, just to start.) The GTO is a great bang for the buck to be sure ..... but I don't think you could compare the two - the V is a luxury high performance sedan that will beat or stay with most "boy racers" and it doesn't MSRP in the 70K range (at least not yet .... ie 2008.)

12-11-06, 02:46 PM
The ss TrailBlazer, anybody test drive one. The Trailblazer should be the "V" stable mate.

12-11-06, 03:40 PM
I owned the V then LS2 GTO. If your going to dragstrip, road course, haul your friends and basically act like a hooligan get the GTO. The V's weak spots will not handle it. But you'll be giving up DVD navigation, exterior tempature read out, interior door lock control and heated seats.


12-11-06, 04:58 PM
2 completely different cars. Only thing they share is the engine platform. I drove the 6 speed GTO at last year's Auto Show in Motion. Power was nice, but interior space, egress and trunk size was too small for my needs. I occasionally transport waterskis, dog carrier and friends in the V. If money is the limiting factor, then by all means, buy the GTO. Used V's are anywhere from low to high 30's depending on the year and mileage. The added space sealed the deal for me. Good luck.

12-11-06, 05:06 PM
I had an 04 GTO before buying my V. I loved the GTO, but the lack of a decent-sized trunk and four doors became a real hinderance for me on a day to day basis. The V seems more refined and has alot of handy and useful options, but I do still miss the great sounding exhaust burble from the goat. I think it comes down to what your daily use requirements are - they're both great cars. One other thing you may want to consider from a financial standpoint would be a well maintained 04 or 05 V rather than a new GTO. Good luck with your decision! (Either way you go you'll have a big-ol grin from ear to ear when you press on the "go" pedal.)

12-11-06, 05:15 PM
Most of the differences already made. Another one is when I test drove the GTO, the steering felt slow, ponderous, and very detached. I'm coming from a BMW, and I much prefer the steering quickness and "feel" from the V.

Bang for the buck the GTO is very hard to beat though and it's got the nicest Pontiac interior that I've experienced. Probably because it's a Holden with a Pontiac badge on it.

12-11-06, 07:22 PM
GTO is an ugly asss car IMO

The GTO looks too much like a cheap Cavalier. :stirpot:


12-11-06, 07:40 PM
this has probably been discussed many times, but my search efforts came up empty.

i'm torn between the v and the goat, and i know there isn't much difference between the two. i like the styling of the v, but the goat is less expensive. what do you guys think of the two cars?

I'll make this as easy as possible for you! My friend in NY has the GTO and he has modded it and it is pretty fast now. He has driven my car many times and actually wats to get a V but the money difference is what is stopping him now! Contact him and he can give you the best insight, goods and bads of both as he loves my car! He will not type and tell you all the stuff, he will just want you to leave your phone number and he can explain it all to you. Contact him at kdogxxx7@aol.com or pm me and I will give you his number! His name is Kerry and tell him I gave you the email. Brian

12-11-06, 07:48 PM
Just my opinion on a couple of replies.
You can buy a new one now for like $26k as they are leftover everywhere, not the 29k that someone listed.

Also, the back seat is just about worthless and only good for storage or kids!

Get a hold of my friend like I mentioned but my 2 cents...the GTO radio is 10x better than ours, the interior is nice in the GTO, and you can make it faster a lot easier and cheaper than the V.
The V! First of all, if money is not much of an issue, than me and my buddy will tell you that it is a no brainer, get the V! GTO is a toy compared to the V and as one guy mentioned alread, the V fits in anywhere amongst the most expensive cars! Everyone is interested in what the heck it is! That's pretty cool in itself! Good luck in your decision and your new car!

12-12-06, 11:28 AM
I have an 05 GTO and an 06 CTS/V and there are some interesting differences, and I truly like both cars, but the GTO gets the node here. Simple way easier to mod (lots of engine room), no rear end problems(Aussies use DANA axles), way better front seats(although no heat for use cold climate folks), way better instrument panel and a provision for the missing 2 guages(05s, and early 06s), easier shifter mechanism to replace, superior rear end gearing (3.49) for crusing. The GTO does have its share of goofy stuff like PW buttons on console without express up feature, Heat/AC controls a bit dated, no HID headlights,
weird pw door lock setup, and no sunroof.

12-12-06, 07:03 PM
Re: Backseat in GTO.
Has probably the nicest and roomiest back seat of any 2 door car I have been in.
It's just getting in and out that is the major problem(ordeal actually).
And I'm 6'8" so don't any of you guys tell me it doesn't have room back there.

And I have personally never had anybody say it looks like a Cavalier or is ugly.
I get nothing but compliments.
Not a great pic and car is dirty. Wheels are 18X8 Ronal R41s.
This is a '04 GTO with '05 hood.

12-12-06, 11:42 PM
Had an '04 GTO and an '05. Great cars but the V's styling blows the GTO out of the water. The GTO had a better stock exhaust note, but that's easy to fix on any car. The V's brakes are incredible; with the right pads and fluid, you'll never use them up on a road course. The GTO's brakes always seemed mushy and vague to me. Like previously mentioned in a post, the GTO's engine compartment was much more mod and user friendly; lots more room than the V. I think someone also mentioned wheel hop--my '04 GTO did not wheel hop, my '05 GTO wheel hopped as bad as my V does. I think it's a wash there.

Comes down to what you like and what your desires are. If you want nav, factory sunroof, 2 more doors, then the V is your answer. If you want a stealthier more subdued look with more mod potential, then I'd say GTO.


12-13-06, 12:07 AM
We run both. Two different animals and should not be compared. Goat needs big brake kit but great entry level track car. With slicks and sways it moves around track. Goat was in my son's price range and V in mine.
'04 needs '05 hood just like V should have STS-V hood.


12-14-06, 01:34 PM
I currently have both a 05 GTO and a 05 CTS-v, I bought the goat and my wife fell in love with it, so I gave it to her and thought about getting another GTO but needed more trunk space and the ability to carry 5 since one of the 2 kids always seems to have a friend with them. Once I found the V I never looked back, it has the best of both worlds, better amenities, same power, more space, and better handling, and if you look around a used low mileage V can be had for about the same money as a new goat. Both are quick, smooth and rattle free, the pontiac has a great interior for the class of car, good back seat room once you are in their, but hard to get in...If they didn't make the V or I couldn't find one for the same money I would get the Goat again in a second but after having my V no other car compares for me...

12-14-06, 04:15 PM
All the above being said, the V is a CADILLAC not a PONTIAC.
BTW. I had a run in with a SRT jeep the other night and pulled him about 50 feet from 40 to 80. I was in 3rd gear and we ran out of room, but if I had shifted down, he would have been eating lots more dust. He came roaring up behind me and I didn't even know what it was until he came along side after I slowed down.
I'm waiting for the next opportunity.......