View Full Version : Vinyl Roof Separating from Rear Window

12-10-06, 08:13 PM
On my 1995 FWB, I've noticed that the vinyl roof, at the top of the rear window, has a mild case of "gap-osis" right in the center.:o
In other words, the vinyl is nice and tight against the glass except for at the top of the backlight, right in the center, for about a foot.:(
There, the space between the window and the vinyl is about 1/8 inch. Not horrible but I sure notice it.:ill:
HOWEVER, looking at the 93 thru 96 models on eBay, I see that 50 to 75 percent of all Fleetwood Broughams have this same problem to a greater or lesser degree.
>1- Is this pretty well known for the cars?
>2- How can I stick that top back down to where it is supposed to be.
I already looked at the FSM and it looks like one horrendously hellish job. More for a good body shop than for me to do it. :helpless:
Any suggestions?