: Looking for...

12-09-06, 05:54 PM
...an aftermarket head unit that looks OEM and sounds -clean-. I despise gaudy displays and stupid little tictac buttons. Its like this stuff is designed for teenie boppers with ADD. Nakamichi used to be an option, but since they ran into financial troubles in 2002 you can only find their stuff on eBay.

[I'm returning the DVD-LCD unit I bought because, since I have no kids, the act of driving and looking at the road makes the DVD player useless. The novelty has worn off.]

Any suggestions for clean and formal looking car audio?

12-09-06, 09:23 PM
What size...double DIN? I have an old Pioneer double DIN head unit with cd, cassette, and am/fm that was in my Eldo. Very good sound. Its stuck in the garage somewhere, but I could find it...

No MP3, but it did work great. The display though isn't very "clean." It is a multi-color display over a purple background...lots of little LEDs.

12-10-06, 02:33 PM
Since CD players are "gaudy" looking buy a JL cleansweep.