: trapped in my own Brougham!

12-09-06, 04:14 PM
need some help here guys, my '92 Brougham's driver's door won't open. It happened yesterday....all of the sudden like, but I couldn't get out of the car via drivers door....I was in disbelief, but I pulled up on the door lock manually but it didn't 'feel' right, nor did it help. It slowly fell down into its retracted position. Also, when I pulled it all the way up, it pulled up to a higher position that it should or more than the others. The door wouldn't open from the inside or outside and when attempting from the outside, it felt like the door was locked ( no resistance when you depress the handle.

So, I can't use the door plus...I can't open it to even begin to even think about taking the panel off to inspect the lock/handle mechanism. What do I do? Have any of you ever experienced this?

ps. when its cold, the passenger side rear door is difficult to open....again, an odd sensation as it would appear to open normally once you depress the handle from the outside, but I have to really pull it...but don't see where its hanging up. Any ideas on this one?

12-11-06, 08:44 AM
I had the same thing happen to my '92 Brougham driver's door, TWICE! The door latch has a tab that connects the lock rod to the lock mechanism. The tab portion breaks off and the door lock pull will no longer work. The first time I replaced the whole latch. The second time I brazed the broken tab on to the latch assembly. I took me about two hours to replace the latch...hopefully you have small hands.

12-12-06, 12:41 AM
Thanks rvan800, I didn't fully understand your description...but will read it again before I tear into it. Amazingly, I went and tried the door key in the drivers door today turning it to the right to unlock and then holding it there to access the automatic central unlocking feature....well it didn't work and I believe its connected to the whole problem of the door lock thing. But!!!!!!!!!! I was able to 'unlock' the problem lock and the door opened!!! I double checked it from the inside as well and it works!!! So, I can at least use the car normally now, but must lock it from the outside with the key but will of course try and find out the real problem and repair because I don't like a Caddy thats not fully function you know? I like to keep the 'Standard of the world' thing going....at least in a nice older very nice car.