: Crank Position Sensor

12-08-06, 12:57 PM
My 2000 ESC idles rough and stalls occasionally. Checked codes and found PCM0335 (current) & PCM1599 (history) plus IRC1301 & RFAU1000 both history. Needed to change the oil anyway, thought i would just crawl under and put both CKP sensors in while im changing the oil. Not that easy, my FSM says to remove air deflector, wire harness retainer, OIL SENDING UNIT and OIL COOLER LINES. The exploded view picture doesnt help much. I'm guessing they mean the little air deflector underneath by the right front wheel. There are several wiring harnesses? By OIL SENDING UNIT, do they mean the oil filter adapter? I did not see any oil cooler lines? I'm mechanically inclined, but i cant even see these CKP sensors. Am i over my head?

12-08-06, 04:04 PM
I had posted a really good picture of this some time ago. The CKP sensors are near the oil filter adapter. I know that you have to remove the filter and adapter to get tools on them but they should be right there.

Maybe in the Eldo there's other stuff in the way, I don't know but it shouldn't be that difficult

12-08-06, 06:46 PM
There is a thread in the Tech Tips section about the CKP. I hope this helps.