: PO85 Fix

03-06-04, 01:46 AM
Any idea on how to fix this problem. Code says {Idle Throttle Angle Too High} . I see that there is an adjusting screw on the ICM should I try to adjust or what? By the way its a 93 4.9 seville 156000 on it. And while Im here I also seem to get this thunking noise sometimes but it only happens when the car in park. I thunks like 3 or 4 times in a row, sound like it coming form the trans. Oh well thanks in advance for your help!!!! Oh and no codes other PO85.

BBoBynski wrote: You just need to clean the throttle body. Take the air duct off and hold the throttle blades wide open (engine off). Spray the throttle bores beneath the blades with carb cleaner and scrub with an old tooth brush. clean the back side of the throttle plate also. The junk and gunk is plugging up the air flow past the blade at closed throttle and the idle speed control is running out of authority to open the blade. It just needs a thorough cleaning. Disconnect the negative battery terminal for 30 seconds when you are done to reset the idle learn offsets.

While you are in there and have the blades of the throttle body wide open....see those two tubes sticking up at you from the floor of the manifold?? Those are the EGR delivery tubes and they are NOT supposed to be full of carbon.... Rod them out with a piece of stiff coat hanger wire and carb spray to get them cleaned out.

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Dude you're so awesome. I actually just traded cars for a while with a friend of mines and saw that the service engine soon light was on. Now me being me I was determined to get it off especially if it didnt cost any money So when I pulled the code I noted that it said throttle angle to high. At first I thought that I could just extend the adjustment screw on the idle control motor but that didn't work. After I made that adjustment it would still "hunt" for a while whenever I would shut the motor off. So then I deceided to clean the throttle blades but that still had the SES light on. So then I came in and checked the forum and found your reply and went back and did what you said and sure enough it worked and worked well. I must admit though at first I was kinda freaked out a lil bit cause the car was running kinda rough and missing a lil bit after I first starting driving it. Then about 6 miles down the road it all smoothed out and now you can barely tell its running. This car has 156000 miles on it and is soooooo responsive. So much to the point that I kinda prefere the 4.9's bottom end power and torque over the North* but the north* does have more WOT power. Man is the 4.9 fun to drive.