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12-07-06, 05:23 PM
I Bought A 97 Deville 8,000 Miles. Had Coolant Changed Before Winter Since Coolant Was Mostly Water,(south Carolina Car, Now Michigan). I Do Not Know If They,(non-dealer). Replaced It With Dex-cool Or Regular? I Got It Flushed. What Happens If Wrong Coolant Is Used.
What About These Bars Leaks Tabs J-120? Do I Put Them In The Hose Now?
I Also Have A 96 Deville, Got It Yesterday. What Type Of Coolant? Tabs Also?

12-07-06, 06:52 PM
Both cars use orange Dex-Cool as opposed to conventional green coolant. If they used green and it has been in there for any length of time, the water jacket is plated with silicates and you must go to 2 year changes vs 5 yr for Dex. No harm will be done and either will do the job. The tabs can be put in the hose, but you will loose some coolant and have to top it off. They are simply to seal porous aluminum castings and minor niusance leaks. Again, no harm will be done without them.

12-07-06, 08:23 PM
Yup, no worries. Whatever ended up in there, stick with it. Add the tabs if you like and top off. If you have to mix any coolant use distilled water not tap water.

If you do an coolant change in the future, add the tabs then. Don't bother with a flush just drain what comes out and premix a 50/50 solution to add back in.

Keeping the 50/50 ratio is VERY important. By flushing the system you loose control of that ratio.