: Burning oil

Seattle CTS-V
12-07-06, 09:27 AM
Yesterday, my car told me twice to check the oil level so when I got home I added 1/2 quart of Mobil 1 and closed the hood. This morning, while accelerating onto the highway my car hesitated a couple of times and I thought to myself 'oh crap, there goes my 3rd throttle body'. I had just started my commute and debated whether or not to turn around and get my truck to make sure I made it to work. Well, being quite a lazy person, I decided to let fate decide if I was to make it to work on time...and I did make it. The car didn't hiccup at all. However, about 1 mile from work I was next to a large diesel truck with visible boost controllers in the driver's window and I could tell he was interested as to why my exhaust was so loud. I gave the car a quick 1st gear 3/4 throttle punch and for a second the car took off but then TC cut in and the car's power died. But this was different than normal TC interference. It literally took all power away and didn't give it back for a bit. When I got up to the stop light smoke started billowing out from under my hood and I could smell the sweet aroma of burning synthetic oil. Work was literally 500 feet away so I pulled her into her parking space and now, here I am...

So, was my 'check oil' meter lying to me and I was just spitting extra oil when my rpm's and thus oil pressure went up or is this something more serious?? I should also mention that my gas meter went a little whacky yesterday as well. It was telling me I only had 1/8 tank left last night and then this morning I had almost 1/2 tank (which is where I know it should have been). Sounds like I need a visit to the dealer. Is it ok to drive the car with too much oil as long as I keep the rpm's down (as hard as that it to do)?

Silver Dollar
12-07-06, 09:40 AM
What does the dip stick say?

Seattle CTS-V
12-07-06, 10:55 AM
What does the dip stick say?

Do you mean the rep at the Cadillac dealership or the actual dipstick?

The dipstick actually read very, very slightly low. But nothing that I would have thought warranted a warning from the computer. That's why I just added a little bit and considered everything to be fine.

12-07-06, 11:12 AM
Have it towed to be safe, its part of the warranty, use it. The service sucks but at least its always free.

12-07-06, 03:10 PM
>there goes my 3rd throttle body

You didn't happen to change intake manifolds/TB did you? I have seen issues with FAST-90 and a stock LS2 TB on a LS6, from the LS2 TB not having the PVC hook up... Thus causing crankcase venting problems.

>the car's power died. But this was different than normal TC interference.

Now this sounds like you bounced off the rev limiter.. Cause that is exactly what the car will do.