View Full Version : Am I Losing My Mind Here?

12-07-06, 09:26 AM
I am sure I have lost my mind already but want to be sure that it is not for this particular reason. Someone had a thread about doing a shifter and possibly CAI or something else! So, I replied that I had a B&M slightly used and someone else replied for that person to jump on it! Tony Orlando replied with a snicker in this thread and I wrote that I didn't get it. Anyway...I can't find the thread and it was only two days ago! Can anyone help who may have started the thread or who had replied to the thread and clear my mind as I have spent 20 minutes searching for a two day old thread! I don't care if I ever sell the shifter as one day I will just put it in my car. I mean it's been sitting here for almost as long as I've owned the car anyway. Thanks in advance!

12-07-06, 09:35 AM

This one? 10 sec. total...

12-07-06, 09:59 AM
I found it thanks to KEEKSV! It starts with exhaust question corsa magnaflow and it through me off! I even believed I checked all threads that I replied to! Losing it over guys! HELP!

OK, kill this thread! Later