: Input needed: No Oil Pressure

12-06-06, 07:01 AM
So I stopped to get gas on my way home last night and when I started the car after filling up, and it immediately started "bonging" and the message read no oil pressure, shut down engine (or something very similar). So I turned it off, gave it a minute, stated it again to be sure it was not an error and immediately got the same msg, so I immediately shut off the car, and called Roadside assistance to come get the car and have it towed/trailered.
Has anyone else had this issue? No oil on the ground, and I am hoping it's a bad sensor, but who knows? Just wanted to see if anyone else had this happen and what their outcome was. It's at the dealer, so I'll post when I discover what it is...

12-06-06, 07:27 AM
Whoa! Yeah, please let us know what's up.

12-06-06, 12:52 PM
Had it happen to me.:bonkers:

Was a bad sensor and it was mounted in a ridiculous place to get at. :banghead:

At least it was a bad sensor.

If you started the car and it didn't rattle and clatter (no oil pressure for real) then probably just the sensor.

12-06-06, 03:46 PM
Mine did the same. There is a seal on the oil pickup tube on mine that came loose and went into the pick up tube and clogged it. They replaced the oil pump and the tube on my car. Car was still idle like there was nothing wrong and didn't clatter. I thought it was a sensor also but it wasn't. The tech showed me the part of the seal he got out of the tube.


12-06-06, 04:39 PM
My wonderful dealer has yet to respond to my voice mail and I am getting the feeling that they are not going to look at it today, since when I called at 9am to check, it was "not in the computer" and the service mgr called me back to get the details on what happened, then I called at 3pm and it was still "not in the computer", and the svc. mgr has not returned my call as of yet.
Based on the helpful posts above, I am holding out hope for the sensor, or something else minor. When I started the car both times when I got the error, there was no clanging, or bad sounds, it sounded completely normal. Based on Heavy's and SSmith100's posts, I am hoping for either one of those issues...however as svaash knows I have very little confidence in the dealer it's at right now, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed....

12-06-06, 04:43 PM
... I have very little confidence in the dealer it's at right now, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed....Geez, I guess! No call back!?! :thehand: How far would you have to go to get a more responsive one (dealer, that is)?

12-06-06, 04:47 PM
ok, so as soon as I hit enter on the above post, the svc mgr called: Replacing Oil Pump. I asked if it was the sensor or the whole thing, and the reponse I got was "the tech is replacing the oil pump, so if it was just the sensor, the replacement should take care of it". I guess that's up for thoughts, but hopefully that will solve it.
Dumb Question: Will they change the oil when this is done, or just top it off? I am about due for an oil change, so when I asked the svc mgr, he said it would not cover the filter, and he'd have to check on the oil change. Just trying to get my oil change under warranty and save $100, but not sure if that will work...I would have thought this was a simple question, but I guess not....so I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on this too.

12-06-06, 05:24 PM
G-- Common sense would dictate they would change the oil in case pieces of the pump polluted it. However, common sense and Cadillac dealers don't seem to run hand in hand. No offense to the Lindsay guys.

12-06-06, 10:39 PM

If they are replacing the pump it is probably due to debri......................so fresh oil and a filter should be covered. When I had mine done I paid nothing. I will tell you though that the whole front of the motor has to come apart to replace the pump. I almost had a stroke when I saw mine. Fortunately the tech who works on my car is as anal retentive as I am and it doesn't even look like it's been apart. It was a two day job though.