View Full Version : Escalade on 22" aftermarket

12-05-06, 10:02 PM
Does anyone any pics of some 07 escalades on aftermarket 22"....Need some ideas ...want to stay conservative and NOT get 24" but at the same time give a bling bling...look...black rims are cool...leaning toward black powder coat with chrome lips...need to see some examples though before I make my purchase

also what tire would everyone go with...305/40/22 or 305/45/22....

12-05-06, 10:11 PM
by late model you mean 02-06 or the 07's?

12-05-06, 10:21 PM
07 I mean

12-07-06, 09:25 AM
I'd like to see these as well for the 07. Leaning towards Giovannis

Thanks in advance