: Gauging Interest in Sub Box..

12-03-06, 04:48 PM
hey..i am thinking of getting the sub box pictured below.. not sure what they retail for yet.. I guess I will get some info tomorrow during business hours.. just wondering how many EXT owners would be interested in this box.. I know it will fit the 02-06 according to manufacturer's site.. it could possibly fit the 07's but i would need a picture of under the back seats to see if its the same as the 02-06.. anyway.. the box goes under the rear seats and I believe it is paintable so you can factory color match it.. it holds 2 10's with what they claim cna have a mounting depth of 6.25.. it also has a amp rack tha can accomodate a 16x12 amp.. if there is enough interest i will see if there is any kind of group buy they will do... i emailed them yesterday asking if they sell directly.. ill let you know what i find out.. here are some more pics..

12-03-06, 05:11 PM
i talked with some guys that already spoke to someone.. i have hear 1 person got a price of 300 shipped while others are getting 450 shipped.. so as of right now im guessing it can be anywhere from 300-450 just for the box which might be worthe it.. i believe the whole box is fiberglass and I have heard nothing but good things when comparing fiberglass to regular wood boxes..

12-03-06, 07:19 PM
will you be able to fold the rear seats with this box?

12-03-06, 11:10 PM
I'm interresetd but not for 450.00... So if it's on the cheaper end I may be in. If not I'm going to make a box out of the midgate....