: Going with a 2nd computer upgrade

12-02-06, 01:44 PM
check out vector motorsports web site. i spoke with them and discussed the computer i currently have vs theirs and have decided to give theirs a shot. On tuesday i'll share with all if i am enjoying "hellacious burnouts and launches". plus "Not only does the 4.4L make more power and low end torque but the computer will now actually allow it to hit the ground". i have noticed that the sts-v has a lot of computer safe guards. i will post the results of this upgrade next week. take care.

12-02-06, 01:56 PM
how about a before/after dyno?

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12-03-06, 08:02 AM
i wish. i simply don't have time with work and family (now holidays are soon) to get the car to a dyno. however, i will post the observed differences. i will get my friend with
an e55 to run with me again. results will be my real world dyno, since he killed me stock, pulled me after 50 with westers, but hopefully vector performance results will be closer to the amg in performance.

First Class Motoring
12-07-06, 12:56 PM
any news?

12-08-06, 08:17 PM
well, i got the computer but the vin number was not burned into the computer, so i got the ole theft mode/no start. changed out the computer and will be sending it back so the vin can be added. wish we could do that here at the dealership, but that would put the tune back to stock using a tech II. no big deal i guess, just a few extra days until i get it back. i will post the results then...stay tuned. clay

12-14-06, 09:38 AM
the computer has arrived. we will be installing it in the car on friday (tomorrow). i will post results then.

12-15-06, 04:04 PM
just installed the new computer, all went well. just complete the theft relearn procedure and crank sensor relearn. went for a short test drive...can't really say how much quicker the car is cause it spun too much:yup: :yup: :yup:

12-15-06, 04:38 PM
How does it pull over 40 MPH?

12-15-06, 08:13 PM
ok, got a chance to play with the car after work. i had it in sport mode and maybe about 35 mph i gave it full throttle, let me just say i was very impressed with the pull to around 70 mph. i think it was in 4th, then it down shifted to 2nd?, and pulled way harder than stock-the front lifted more than before. i let off at just before 70. i cannot say it would have hung with an e55, but i believe it would have been much, much closer than before. it is now totally how i thought the car would have been from the factory. well worth the price of the computer.

12-15-06, 10:40 PM
Do you have a contact number for them and do the make one for XLR-V/


12-16-06, 08:27 AM
no problem with the xlr-v, it will benefit even more than the sts-v. less weight and factory detuned from the sts-v. be careful of the excess heat running this strong.

Vector Motorsports

24291 Sorrentino Ct.
Clinton Township


Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM

12-16-06, 08:52 AM
Thanks Will call them monday about the details of the program Like...

Rev lim increase
shift point changes @ WOT
Air to Fuel ratios etc

Car is great now but like many of us we know it can be better.


The Tony Show
12-16-06, 01:23 PM
The XLR-V isn't really detuned from the STS-V, it's the different exhuast manifolds that cause the difference in power. Packaging limitations under the XLR required a more cramped header, thus reducing the power from 469 to 443.

01-15-07, 10:08 AM
Did the "Vector" upgrade affect the rev limiter as well?

01-15-07, 10:35 AM
yes. it now revs to approx 6800/6900 rpm. hard to tell. things are moving pretty quick at those rpms.