: 93 STS Transmission

Allan G
11-30-06, 05:53 PM
Couldn't get help on the seville forum--thought I'd try you guys. My 4t80e will not go in reverse. Question- Is this a mechanical or electric function? Also, is the problem likely in the valve body? A rebuild is worth more than the car, so I need an easy fix. I can pull the valve body, but not the entire tranny. Thanks Allan bunky@pwhome.com

12-05-06, 09:06 AM
Try asking in the "Northstar Forum". The 4T80E is part of the Northstar "system".

12-06-06, 02:39 AM
Sorry, STS-V is a vastly different car. You won't get answers here. Please keep threads down to one section at a time. :)