View Full Version : Northstar- Starting, Running Problems

11-30-06, 09:50 AM
Hello, on the 94 Concours, she has been idling a little rough for a while, but now she is really hard to start, and when she is started, the idle is so rough it shakes the car. The engine is not running hot (of course I haven't ran it a whole lot), and as far as I can see there are no signs of a blown head gasket, (i.e., water in oil, coolant bubbling, etc.). I knew that the plugs were due to be changed, so I went to a GM dealer and got a set of AC 41-950 platinum plugs, and put them in. It didn't help a whole lot. There is no SES light on, and no codes are in the computer. The only things that I have noticed to be problems are that the exhaust has a pinhole leak behind the catalytic converter, and the fuel gage says 17 gallons, but the miles to empty register says LO. I am about ready to call the dealership:bigroll: and let them tow it in and give me a bill for about 1k for whatever it is :mad:. Please, any advice now would be appreciated.
Thanks, Dave.

11-30-06, 10:38 AM
Check for a leaky FPR. If ok, check the fuel pressure.