: Connections for Stereo in DeVille

11-29-06, 11:40 PM
Hi there,
Does anyone have the diagram or table for connecting the oem stereo to the original wiring of a '91 de Ville? My mechanic obtained the original cassette/radio: [Delco Symphony Sound] with 2 knobs on the left, an equalizer at the top, a digital display on the top right and the cassette onthe bottom right. He needed to replace the connector[s] in the back since it was corroded. After he cut off the old connector and before he spliced the new one, he had some kind of seizure and obviously was not able to finish the job. I have taped the wires to insulate them and I currently have a big hole in the dash!!
If I could have the table showing which colored wire goes where in the connector, I am sure I could finish the installation. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

12-01-06, 11:44 AM
Anyone there? If anyone has the wiring from, say DeVille '90 to '93, maybe the connections of the oem stereo would be the same.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

12-01-06, 01:08 PM
dude this is the old 21 pin set up i believe...
ill see what i can find but all my info is on the 32 pin set up used in 96+ lacs....

12-01-06, 04:12 PM
Hi cadillacetc1997,
You are right. There are 21 vertical pins as follows: 1 plug with 7 pins, 1 with 6 pins and 2 plugs of 4 each. The setup is:

7 pins 4 pins
4 pins 6 pins
---- ----
| 7|| 4|
| || |
---- ----
| 4 || 6 |
| || |
---- ----
Hope you see what I mean.

12-01-06, 04:19 PM
Sorry cadillacETC1997,
my diagram got all screwed up when it is converted to html.
The pins are

7 4
4 6


12-11-06, 07:10 PM
This site is a big letdown!!!

After seeing some smart solutions to some owners' problems, I started this thread hoping for some help with my problem. Then, after a few days with no response, I was told I would have much better luck if the thread was moved to the Audio section. Still no luck. No one had any suggestions or recommendations.

12-11-06, 07:13 PM
sry man
im waitin on my friend to get back to me
ill shoot him another one
again i know 32 pin set up 21 is a blur to me...

12-11-06, 08:12 PM
This site is a big letdown!!!

Aww man don't say that. Sometimes people just don't know. I love this site personally.