: Still more power!

11-29-06, 05:35 PM
Here is the latest rumor::eek:


Who is gonna be first? :worship:

The Tony Show
11-29-06, 05:45 PM
Oh, it's real. The official name is the "LSX Bowtie Block". Reggie Jackson had one put in his '69 Camaro. The pictures of that thing had me drooling....Mahle pistons, Lunati rotating assembly, not to mention design input from NHRA Champ Warren Johnson.

Only problem will be the Fuel Injection- complete retune, bigger injectors, new heads, intake manifold and TB will be necessary to make good power- Reggie's is carburated. Once you factor in the cost of everything else, it starts to look slightly less attractive (from a cost standpoint, that is...).

Still bitchin', though. Another item on the "If I had unlimited funds" list......