: what happens if you hook up only one voice coil

11-29-06, 05:24 PM
on a dvc sub

11-29-06, 08:47 PM
you CAN do it
however cut the rms and peak power it can handle in half

11-30-06, 11:29 AM
would it affect out put at all
for example if i had 2 dual 4-ohm subs which can be wired and connected to the amp as a 1 ohm load or a 4 ohm load depending on which way i do it

if i use only one set of terminals on each sub i could wire it as a 2 ohm total load which the amp could handle.

the amp would provide 657W x 1 @ 2 ohms versus 456W x 1 @ 4 ohms

assuming the subs could handle these power amounts would it be benificial to use the amp at 2 ohms

11-30-06, 11:45 AM
yes and no
with less resistance yes you will put more power to it
but keep in mind the lower the ohms the less better it will sound...
ive always run my subs at a clean 4 ohms even on my 1 ohm stable amp.
im assuming you amp is a 1 channel amp because most amps are stable at 4 ohms bridged an 2 ohms unbridged if its a dual channel amp.
if its not why not run each speaker at 2 ohms and run them one per channel?

11-30-06, 12:04 PM
yea i thought about that after i posted haha, is there more power out put running both channels at 2 ohm, or running them bridged at 4 ohm

12-02-06, 08:59 AM
same power
2 channels at 2 ohms will be = to 1 channel bridged at 4 ohms