: 786kbs go to hell!

11-29-06, 10:48 AM
When I moved out of my mom's house I switched the phone/internet/cable bill into her name.

So first thing she did was get rid of the 5Mbit line and bought the cheap-ass 786kbs line.

I've seen the Verizon DSL ads for this service and it claims to be "faster then dial-up" but I just don't see it.

Everything is load so slow. I think because I'm streaming my music but still before I could do that and surf three or four pages without hitting a wall.

Now I can barely check my E-Mail and surf the forums without something taking way too long to load.

This sucks.

11-29-06, 10:57 AM
I tried backing off my dl speeds a bit but only lasted an hour before I called back saying to turn it back on FULL THROTTLE!

11-29-06, 11:13 AM
Well hopefully when my girlfriend gets a car or I get the morning position I won't be spending the time between dropping my girlfriend off at work and then coming here I'll regain my sanity.

But seriously this is not "faster" then dial-up. This is probably on par with v.92 modems or a tiny bit faster.

My mom is going to hear it from me, haha.

11-29-06, 11:29 AM
Yes. That's like calling a 4-Cylinder Cimarron fast. Compared to a Model A Ford, yes, it's fast.

11-29-06, 11:37 AM
I wouldn't say that is a fair comparison.

Put a 4-Cyl on the highway during rush hour not in the express lane and the Model A Ford in the expressway during the same moment.

Dial-Up is less used in the area so less conjestion on the servers while the 786Kbs line is shared by the nodes on the network and not to mention this is about rush hour for the internet.

Yes it is "faster" but that word is so poorly used by definition 57kbs is faster then 56kbs but is it "OMG this is so worth the price" faster?

Haha. I'm dying here queing pages to load haha.

11-29-06, 11:40 AM
If it's actually running at 768 then it should definately be faster than any dial up. My first ADSL line was 384kbps up and down and it beat the snot out of dial up. I could download files at 40 k per sec vs 6k on dial up. Shouldn't be too hard to verify if she's getting what she's paying for.

11-29-06, 11:46 AM
Even so if you are paying for say 1Mbit or 10Mbit you aren't ever truly getting that speed.

After you factor everything in you'd be lucky to be walking away with 20-25% of that speed.

So yes by obvious numbers it is "faster" but through comparative usage it doesn't seem that much "faster."

I'm surfing the net the way I use to my 9600 baud back in the old days - right-click link -> open in new window. Do that for a few then go to them as they load.

With the new age and the content and code that these pages all have 786kbs just don't cut it when all factors are included. I could only imagine what a dial-up service would be in today's time with 1MB size webpages.

11-29-06, 11:50 AM
how much dl you think you lose through a WiFi connection to the router?
I know my wifes computer which was wired to the router was faster before I put the WiFi card in it.
I know my laptop never got close to 6Mb when I test it. Usually around 4000kbs.
annoys the hell out of me.

11-29-06, 11:55 AM
Depends upon the type of line you pay for. Some lines are dedicated, some are shared. More than likely you are on a shared line with "speeds up to 768kpbs" which actually means they can deliver much less and still be within the terms of service. My old ADSL line was not shared and 384kbps was the speed full time unless there were problems.

11-29-06, 11:57 AM
Oh yeah WiFi technology has come a long way and I seriously want to pick up a N-Router but they are still expensive and my girlfriend is harassing me about the barely 5month old G-Router I just had to have, haha.

I remember an arguement I had with a friend who said "wireless is the new standard" and I was like "not the standard but the future...we're way off from the standard."

With all the electromagnetic fields we create in our houses through our appliances I doubt wireless will ever be as solid as a hard line. I got a 54Mbit Wireless G with turbo router. I turned everything non-turbo/G off and then benched my laptop that had a Turbo-G PCMCIA II card and it barely hit 2Mbits

What a disappointment.

11-29-06, 12:01 PM
Depends upon the type of line you pay for. Some lines are dedicated, some are shared. More than likely you are on a shared line with "speeds up to 768kpbs" which actually means they can deliver much less and still be within the terms of service. My old ADSL line was not shared and 384kbps was the speed full time unless there were problems.

Yeah CIWS, I know for a fact this RCN line is shared. They only offer the dedicated line to 10Mbit subscribers and its like $80 a month.

I had it through a promotional offer and it was so damn awesome. After the 2months I dropped to the 7Mbit line but that got phased out and we were put on the 5Mbit line.

11-29-06, 12:06 PM
yeah Igot the linksys wirteless G with speedbooster too. I am assuming thats the one you have.
I have B and G on since my wireless all in one printer is only B.

11-29-06, 12:12 PM
Yeah the Speedbooster is the Linksys name while Turbo-G is the D-Link name. I think Netgear calls it Extreme-G or some crap haha.

It sucks you can't use Turbo/Speed-G with non-Turbo/Speed-G hardware. Its like "what it can't tell the difference?" You have a USB 2.0 compatible motherboard and have a 1.1 printer and a 2.0 external HDD but it can tell the difference and it doesn't slow down your hDD because the printer is slow.

11-29-06, 12:12 PM
I had DSL in CA, it seemed fine to me but not as good as the cox.net cable I have in VA.
It's not blazing fast but I don't pay the extra scratch for the 15Mb hookup.
I think mine is 5Mb and that seems okay for what I do.
My DSL was never as slow as dialup.
I tried dial up for a few weeks after I moved here, it was insane.
I can never go back.
In fact Verizon is bugging me to connect the 100 feet of fiber optic they dropped in my back yard to tease me.
If it wasn't for the hassle of switching services I might actually think about it.
The FiOS is slightly less than the cable service but I don't know....

11-29-06, 12:13 PM
or does it? hmmmmmmm?
Yeah thats what I meant the D-link. I am a linksys guy. I hada d-link along time ago and had issues with it. This was along long time ago.....when 802.11b was new!

11-29-06, 12:15 PM
Oh I almost forgot. My house is new so it's hardwired with Cat5 to every room pretty much. They did 2 sets of cat 5, one for telco and one for computer, however I don't have a land line so I could really stack it on if I wanted to.
I have 5 PCs networked with the router in the basement and one switch in my office for the 2 computers in there.
It works great.

11-29-06, 12:21 PM
nice.....I wired a house with cat5 for three upstairs rooms. boy crawling up in an attic in july when its 89 outside is NOT, i repeat IS NOT recommended!

11-29-06, 12:22 PM
When my mom bought the new house Wakefieldn I switched out all the old phone lines with CAT5/E. I just found the main connection point, unplugged the old one and tied the new stuff to the end and yanked it through.

So this house has CAT5/E for the phones and internet where ever there was an old phone line jack. They all love it but now that I'm gone and I'm took my like four computers it seemed like a waste. Haha. The Cable modem is right next to there computer and no one, even though they claimed they would, ever bought another computer for the upstairs bedroom.

I wanted to do it in my new condo but when we got the phone its VoIP and it doesn't use the wall jacks. I was sort of sadden by that but its much easier now that we have network phones. I'm going to put covers over the phone jacks since we pretty much don't use them and probably run a few CAT5's to the basement for future purpose.

11-29-06, 12:31 PM
In fact Verizon is bugging me to connect the 100 feet of fiber optic they dropped in my back yard to tease me.
If it wasn't for the hassle of switching services I might actually think about it.
The FiOS is slightly less than the cable service but I don't know....

I just signed up for it, internet service and TV to be installed Dec 9th. My overall costs between current DSL and Cable TV will stay approx the same. But I'll go from a 3mb/768 to a 15mb/2mb connect and add approx 100 channels to my current basic/extended cable. I've been waiting for it since they started laying the fiber :)

11-29-06, 12:39 PM
What are you guys paying? Since they only offered Verizon/Comcast in my new area and I was a new subscriber I got the Comcast 3x33 deal.

$104 a month for a whole year and we get:
Digital Cable + Box and over 200 channels with On-Demand features.
Digital Phone [VoIP - modem handles it] with Unlimited National Calling
8Mbit Internet [claims to upstream to 12Mbits during "large" downloads but I don't know what "large" means so far it hasn't scaled beyond 1.6MB per sec off ATI.com]

The promotional offer we got in Wakefield before I moved included just about everything Comcast offered me but it was a dedicated 10Mbit line for the first two months and I hit a whopping 7.2MB per sec off ATI.com with that one but after we switched down to the 7Mbit shared I never broken 1.2MB per sec off ATI.com]

I'm loving the Digital Cable on the LCD-TV - very crisp.

11-29-06, 12:50 PM
My Cox service is basic cable and internet. I think it's 5Mbps and together they run about 88 bucks a month.

I haven't looked into pricing for the FiOS yet but I did check their internet fees for my area and from what I recall each package was 5 bucks a month cheaper. I didn't look into the FiOS TV. I get about 2 offers a week, and they literally did drop a fiber optic cable that's about 100 feet long in my back yard. It drops down off the pole and it's coiled up on the ground waiting for me to call. I am just not sure if I want Verizon back.
I had phone service with them and it was very troublesome and expensive.

If I do it I'll probably go for the 15Mbps line.
I don't know I still need to do some research on it.
I really don't do much on the web anymore except check my email and browse two forums.
That doesn't really justify paying more for 15 Mbps does it?
I used to game a lot, but that was on slower connections. I gave up trying to keep my PC up to speed for the latest game and my systems crashed a lot with all the patching and repatching that I had to do.

I have a self built Tivo type unit with XP MCE on it that I use to record my shows hooked to my big TV. Two PCs in my office, oops, make that 3, my wife just got a laptop too! Then my son has a PC and my Mother in Law has one in the basement.

My big TV has an HDMI cable hookup which goes to my DVD player but I never use the HDMI for watching movies because it's such a pain to set up the picture on a 4:3 set. I have been tempted to get HD TV, maybe if I spring for the FiOS I'll do it.
Not sure yet.

11-29-06, 12:55 PM
okay Im trying to check availability for FiOS but the site is timing out. I Like the idea of the speeds. hows the TV aspect of it.

11-29-06, 01:11 PM
What I ordered was 15mb/2mb for 44.95 a month and 200 channels digital and HD for 39.99 a month, with an intro price on the inet service for 29.99 for the first 3 months. So that's 85.00 a month + tax ? normal price.

11-29-06, 01:17 PM
I gotta call to see if its available here yet. the site wont let me check it keeps timing out.

11-29-06, 07:20 PM
What I ordered was 15mb/2mb for 44.95 a month and 200 channels digital and HD for 39.99 a month, with an intro price on the inet service for 29.99 for the first 3 months. So that's 85.00 a month + tax ? normal price.

Does that include phone or do you use a seperate carrier/VoIP?

That's a damn good price for HD and 15Mbit line if it includes the phone but hell add an extra 30, assume, for a VoIP Vonage account and thats still a great price.

My Mom is paying $111 for 786kb line, Regional Calling, and Extended Basic [no digital service.]

We're getting ripped off up here!

11-29-06, 07:34 PM
I can't wait untill the computers move on from binary to something better. I've heard that the pentagon uses Octinary code (8 digits rather than two). The reason this is a good thing is that it allows you to send a LOT more information a LOT faster because instead of having a hundred digits of 1's and 0's it will just say "56" or something to that extent. It compresses file sizes like mad too. I think that this will be the next big step in computer technology.

you wouldn't need such a huge bit-rate on internet if all of the files were tiny.

11-29-06, 07:35 PM
Krash you are talking way off.......will be neat to see the evolution but theres alot of work involved there.

11-29-06, 07:39 PM
Does that include phone or do you use a seperate carrier/VoIP?

That's the price for the inet and TV only, but they will connect the voice line up through the Fiber connection when the install is done as I'm told. So it will be interesting to see what kind of connect speeds I get with the dial-up account :)

11-29-06, 07:40 PM
If the world has taught me anything:

The better the technology, the more congested it is, solution is even better technology end result more congestion.

We'll get to the point that 100Mbit dedicated lines won't be enough bandwidth to push the data we need to send. I remember when webpages where measured in bytes and your modem was measured in baud rates.

Now here I was sitting bitching because my 786kb line isn't "faster" then what I remember 56k being.

Haha, now that is irony!

11-29-06, 07:46 PM
baud....always loved that word....LOL!

11-29-06, 08:59 PM
Several years ago Verizon was setting up and laying OC192 backbones, even though the switching equipment at the time was still OC48. I agree as time goes on we'll be using more and more bandwidth to transfer everything like High Def video and movies, files, music, etc. Odds are within the next year the home fiber networks will take another double in speed, max will go to 60MB dn speed. But they do have a little room for expansion currently. Within 5 years the tech will probably be different anyway as far as how they compress data and are able to multiplex even more signal within the same pipe.

11-29-06, 10:45 PM
I pay for 1.5mb through Qwest and never see over 750k or so. So I deal with it all the time.

11-30-06, 05:58 AM
I was just thinking, if I switched to FiOS internet and tv, do they need to run the optical all the way to the set top box or do you think they swap it to coax once it's inside the house?
If so I have to rethink some stuff.
I have seen how some of those guys butcher up walls and floors doing cable runs.

The more I look at it the less I want to change for my TV service.
Heck, I only watch about 3 shows a week anyway.

11-30-06, 08:30 AM
They bring the fiber to the house/apt, connect it to an ONT and a battery backup unit (wall mount), from there it's broken out to standard hookups like RJ-45 (lan) and Coax for TV.


11-30-06, 08:54 AM
Some of those guys are really professional. When we moved into to Wakefield I was sort of a dick towards the guy that came to install our lines. I remembered the guy in our first house and no lie he made a hole in the sheet rock with his thumb! He then just screwed a wall plate into the bear sheet rock. My mom was livid and I was only like eight at the time so I didn't know that wasn't the right way.

Anyways, guy in Wakefield did a fabulous job even though I hounded him not to f-up any walls.

Lines are clean, out of site, holes in the sheet rock cut properly, not just drilled, with wall plates at all entrances, not just a wire poking out of the wall, and over all I tipped the guy and apologized.

My first good impression of RCN.

11-30-06, 10:28 AM
I am just spoiled because my house was built with the wires in place. It just makes me nervous to think that someone might have to go tearing stuff up and punching holes in the walls to do something like that.
I am relieved to think that leaving my existing coaxial network (also prewired to almost every room) should do the trick in the house.

I still have a lot to consider before I make the change, they do say I can get both services. TV and internet I mean
I would like to use my HDTV set for something besides plain old crappy cable.
My wife hates our reception anyway.

11-30-06, 11:12 AM
Well....someone slap me and call me Susie but it seems the slow-effect on the net was due to IE never being updated on this computer.

I was at the point where loading three or four pages would crash IE. So I just checked for an update, if it was a fault or something, and bam found an update. Installed it and woah what a difference.

Beta 2 was still installed now I guess its on RC2 regardless I wonder what made such a difference that things wouldn't load properly or kill IE?


This is how I expericened it:
We had a standard analog TV with normal cable, it looked fine but you could see the fuzzies. Digital cable was introduced in our region so we got it no difference we still saw the fuzzies but we had more channels and content. I boght a 32" 480p Samsung but never ran cable on it, mostly gaming, still saw fuzzies everywhere on the other TVs. My brother bought a 32" LCD Samsung and he saw fuzzies. I bought a 32" LCD Sharp but again no cable. I moved out, digital cable on LCD no fuzzies, looks crisp, might get HD subscription.

This led me to read up on coxial cables turns out most of the rooms upstairs, my brother's room, has RG5 so I told them to get a few RG6 lines and run them [I'd do it for them on a weekend if they wanted.]

Living room has RG6 and my old 32" CRT Samsung looks fabulous no fuzzies [this TV brought a digital 3D comb filter so it didn't need the box to take advantage of the digital cable.]

Its a world of difference if you have the proper hardware and lines.

11-30-06, 11:28 AM
My cable is rated for 15 down and 2 up. At around 2 am I can easily get 13 down and 1.8 up. During the day it ranges between 8-12 down but is always over 1.4 up. I am pretty happy with it, but I will be looking for FIOS when it become available.