: HELP! MY '99 Deville thinks its been stolen!!!

11-28-06, 04:41 PM
So I had a new system installed today. I drove it home from the shop, no problems. I park it at home.

When I went out to start it later today, my locks dont work, and my keyless doesnt work (Oh great, Dead Battery), NOT THE CASE. I put my keys in to try and start it, give it a crank, and the alarm goes off (I thought the alarm was disabled). The wierd part is, when I shut it off again, the system keeps going and flickering, like the power is going on and off. I opened the door (usually shuts off the system), but the system stayed on. I had to turn the key again and then turn it off again to shut off the audio.

What happened and What can I do?

And Mods, sorry for the double thread, but Im trying to get this thread where everybody can see it, because this is a BIG problem and I HAVE TO HAVE my car tommorow.

11-28-06, 06:23 PM
this is actually quite common
again 99Classilac went through this i believe and had to solve this
someone else had this issue but he had an aftermarket alarm that not only stayed on but kept the car from starting...

11-28-06, 06:53 PM
Lmao I have driven my car quite far with the alarm on. My friend hit the door locks and that activates the factory alarm and I don't usually keep a door key on me. Man was that a fun drive home!

11-28-06, 07:16 PM
So what can I do to fix it?

11-28-06, 07:16 PM
Ummm, disconnect your battery over night maybe.

11-28-06, 07:32 PM
i forget the fix that was done to be honest...
never affected me...

11-28-06, 07:34 PM
Get the GM06 harness. I think its GM06. But its like $100 plus or minus $20 depending where u get it from. CadillacETC1997 showed me how to fix it. I had the same problems with my car before. It won't mess the car up, it's just irritating. If you don't wanna get the harness, then you're gonna have that problem intermittently. There is a way to shut the car up is when you notice that the keyless entry doesn't work. Open the door with your key. Get in. Close the door. Make sure you close the door or it won't work. Stick the key in ignition and turn car on. Car will go off! Now grab the keyless and hold unlock and lock buttons at the same time. Hold for about ten seconds. The doors should automatically cycle thru the lock and unlock. The car is now quiet, the lights are normal and the car will operate fine. Drive like normal. When u get out, the keyless will work and such. just know that if it sits, it's probably gonna do it again.No set time cycle either. Sometimes my car used to sit 10 minutes and then it would act up. Sometimes it would sit 2 days and not act up. Just depends I guess. But doing that procedure will get everything working fine until next time.... I did it for like a week and a half, got irritated and took CadillacETC1997's advice and stuck the expensive harness in. Reason car goes off is because your car computer communicates with the stock radio and since the stock radio isn't present anymore then the computer is thinkin it got broke into or whatever. Sucks.

11-28-06, 07:36 PM
dude welcome
im pretty sure he has the 06 actually
but yeah the gmos-06 is a requirement for these cars alarm systems...
less you like everyone thinkin your stealing your own car...
i got away with the gmos-03 but thats only for mini amped bose systems and if your bypass the amps like i did

11-28-06, 07:37 PM
I have no harness and have NEVER had an alarm problem, besides when my dumbass friends activate my factory alarm.

11-28-06, 07:41 PM
different cars man
98+ on all these cars are completely computer integrated...
have have RKE we have RFA i believe its called
sides you have an aftermarket alarm and use that as your keyless so that wouldnt have the issue

11-28-06, 09:05 PM
Whats the difference between RKE and RFA?

11-28-06, 09:33 PM
different keyless systems
the internals of both our remotes are completely different even though the outsides look the same

11-28-06, 09:53 PM
I have the 06, but we had to hack it because I dont have an amp or my amp doesnt work or whatever.

So all I have to do is hold down both keyless buttons and it will go off and work fine for a little bit? How can I get it fixed permenently?

11-28-06, 10:19 PM
you shouldnt of hacked it
if you didnt have an amp then you should of ran your own speaker wires
hackin it probably screwed it up...

11-28-06, 11:36 PM
We didnt hack it...well.

We just tapped into the speaker wires that were already going to the rear deck speakers. Nothing else was done.

Man...this really sucks. I have no idea what the problem is now. The thing Classilac said didnt work the first time, and I havent checked it yet cus of HW. Ill get back to you guys tommorow.

11-29-06, 12:05 AM
im def thinkin its an issue due to the harness being hacked...
these cars are VERY anal
i would of connected the wires from the hu directly to the speaks via your own newly run speaker wires...

11-29-06, 05:27 PM
well, what we did was tap into the speaker wires that are already going to speakers, in the stock harness.

I dont see why that would mess things up.

But Classilac's trick works, so ill do that until it gets annoying.

What can I do to fix this permanently? Should I just take it to an audio shop and say "Fix it" or what?

11-29-06, 08:48 PM
and by tapping them and NOT using the rcas your still using the audio controler box in the car
you need to either run your own wires or perhaps get the gmos-03

11-29-06, 10:44 PM
So if I undo the hack, and then run my own speaker wire and tap them into the harness, this problem should go away?

Well...Once I did the keyless button thing correctly, the alarm turned on and it hasnt happened since....But I still have to run the damn constant power wire to the battery. My roommate/installer didnt believe me when I told him we had to run one.

Ill probably just have a shop do it, Im to impatient and not poor enough to do it myself.

11-29-06, 11:25 PM
that would be my guess if the problem continues
the other option would be turning off the alarm in the ipc overrides i can walk you through that too
yuh you DEF need to run your own constant no matter what

11-30-06, 12:32 PM
Actually I would rather turn the alarm off, because I really dont want to use it, that may sound careless of me, but I dont like the pain in the ass that they are.

I would be forever thankful for directions to turn off the alarm system.

11-30-06, 08:49 PM
Hey cadillacETC1997, I got a question. You know how the computer "talks" to stock radio? That's why these caddies have problems when radio is gone. Can u go into the IPC overrides and disable the radio or something so that that computer stops trying to talk to the radio?

12-01-06, 09:39 AM
actually thought about that
it really has more to do that if your factory radios in
and you go into diagnostics
notice how the RADIO as well as the dash and the a/c controls all would light up
without the factory radio or any box (like the 03 or 06) to communicate to make the car THINK the radios there, diagnostics gets all screwed up
and you know what happens to these cars when something that isnt supposed to happen, happens... codes lots of them with leads to lots of faults which leads to lights on the dash and issues with running the car...

gator its a long involved process i can walk you through it but i did a write up on it here

however youd go under option A and decrease whatever number lights up in your odometer by 8 here are the values for option A

IPS01 Option A
-Universal Theft Deterrent enabled (8)
-Personalization / Memory Installed (4)
-Interior Purge enabled (1)

12-01-06, 04:12 PM
Alright...I got all the way to option A, but I didnt know what button to use to decrease the number, and I was afraid to experiment so I wouldnt mess up anything.

For most of the menu, you scrolled with Down and selected with UP. But at this part, both UP and Down were used to scroll....so whats used to select?

12-02-06, 09:00 AM
it says in the thing how to decrease it....
press the temp down arrow....

12-02-06, 01:33 PM
Damn...I misread the thing...my bad.

Installed my Subwoofers yesterday, sound great. Im getting a bunch of rattle in my rear-view mirror. That happened to anybody else?

Alright, my number was 9, I put it down to 1, like you instructed. Hopefully the problem is fixed. I got the memory wire ran yesterday, as well as my subwoofers hooked up, so hopefully I wont have any more questions on the subject. ETC, I appreciate your help and have repped you many times because of it.

12-02-06, 02:52 PM
hey man no prob
happy to help out anyone that i can

12-10-06, 07:38 PM
Got an Update.

I turned off the alarm through Diagnostic mode, but now there is a new problem. I did everything EXACTLY as you said, so I 99% sure I didnt screw up.

My locks still dont work some of the time (like when the alarm problem was still going), so I still have to manually unlock the doors. Then when I get in the car and crank it, the alarm doesnt go off (because I fixed that), but the locks still dont work. So I have to hold the keyless buttons like I used to when I had to shut up the alarm and they work again.

So I am still having the same problem without the alarm going off. Any tips?

12-10-06, 07:48 PM
the door locks is part of the radio issue
the alarm WILL not go off anymore so long as its shut off in the DIC