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11-28-06, 09:00 AM
Well something else no one knows about me here is that I am a RC buff. At one point I actually had 22 working RC vehicles. from trucks cars a helicopter two planes one being a jet and a motorcycle which was fun but had an accident.
heres some pics of what I got still not as much but the ones I cant seem to get rid of.

11-28-06, 09:59 AM
I have a HPI Super Nitro RS4 and their off road one (names escapes me at the moment). I had the Traxxas T-Maxx but I sold it after two weeks on ebay and made a killing. They are currently in 'storage' mode, but in the spring after graduation I plan on getting them back on the road. Maintaining/repairing/upgrading them was my favorite hobby until I get my real license.

11-28-06, 10:02 AM
I had the nitro RS4....fast car right out of the gate but throw and HB.21 on that thing and you got a car you cant control without some real work up from. It was clocked at 64MPH.
I had a shumacher stadium truck and that thing hauled ass! 72MPH for RTR. Ridiculous. I love the gas cars just so much you can do to them.

11-28-06, 10:07 AM
In the first week of having my Super Nitro RS4, which was my first ever, I replaced the all of the front components twice from accidents. I got really good a taking that front end apart and putting it back together. I have a bigger engine in it, I just don't remember what I put in it. I also added a two speed transmission and that added a new level to playing with that thing.

11-28-06, 10:14 AM
rb and hbconcepts are the the best ones...
Yeah when you jump into a fast car and tromp on it there
tends to be some wear and tear on the front end.
Thats why my t-maxx is 99% aftermarket upgrades. I jumped that truck over a tennis court fence which is 16 or 18 feet I believe from 25 feet out off of a skatepark ramp. Landed on its wheels bottomed out and kept on flying.

11-28-06, 02:23 PM
I use to be pretty big into RCin too. I started out with a HPI RS4. When I was done with it I had all aluminum.. And last work I was doing on the RS4 was fitting a .27 in it. Just need to setup the linkage and ill be crusin!.. Then moved to T-Maxx.. Replaced everything with Unlimited Engineering.. So now I have 2.. Bought a heli but still need a few things I wont be getting anytime soon to get it airborn..


11-28-06, 02:40 PM

Sorry, couldnt help it. :)

11-28-06, 08:27 PM
im acutally cross shopping Koyshos Mini Z and the HPI Micros ....

How long (in inches) is the RS4 ? they claim 1:18 ....but im curious ....any adivce on the two would be great , im buyin as soon as i get a new job to celebrate ...

11-28-06, 09:06 PM
I've basically gotten out of the hobby over the last year. Too expensive (I buy expensive stuff though so...). The first vehicle I got when I was 13 and still have. It's an Team Associated RC10GT. It gone through many, many changes over the past years and only has a tiny amount of stock parts left. basically everything is either aluminum, titanium, or carbon graphite.
This picture is just before the swap over to a Factory Team chassis. A little less weight, and a little more speed.....like it needs any. I can't even turn it with that Trinity Picco.15 in there.

The only other car I have currently working is my Nitro TC3. It's on it's second engine (first was the picco). I've only run the new engine 4..maybe 5 times. Really nice RB Concepts V12 3port motor. The thing is insanely fast..TOO fast. I haven't found a parking lot big enough to try out the taller gears I got for it yet.
this pic is also from while it was going through some changes. Was waiting on my new gas tank at the time.

I stopped putting running a body on the truck since they all got beat up too quick. I still paint new bodies for the car every once in a while though. Love getting them really detailed too.

These are the last two I made for it.

HPI's '66 GT350 (I got a set of their Vintage tires and wheels to go with it. Really cool, they look like Hoosiers mounted on Torque Thrust style wheels..)

HPI's Saleen S7. Complete with working high/low beams, marker lamps, and tail/brake lamps. The housing for the rear lamps took forever to build. It's also got mesh grills in place of the grill decals they use...just for that extra bit of realism. The reason for the two sets of body holes up front, was so that it would fit my friends Nitro RS4 as well.

Some of the other cars I've had in the past include-

HPI RS42-Electric.
Kyosho Blizzard-Electric
Ofna OB4-Nitro
Tamiya Stadium Truck- Eletric

there have been some other mixed in here and there over the years..but it's been so long I can't remember anymore.

11-28-06, 11:37 PM
the car on the table is an electric TC3.
Do not get the miniZ go with the nitro....
if you really want I could sell you one already fixed up a bit with some extras.
how much you wanting to spend....anyways the Micro RS4 has way better handling stock and much more you can do to it. Mine are fast as hell for their size.
They are just under 6 inches from wheel hub to wheel hub. some of the bodies are a bit longer so you can adjust the dimensions a bit.

11-28-06, 11:42 PM
your gonna sell a micro rs4 ?

11-28-06, 11:44 PM
I got three so if you want i can take some better pics and let and let you know what i got and you tell me what you want of the lot.

11-28-06, 11:46 PM
sounds good , i found a 150mm GMC body i wanna put on one real bad .....pics would be good , def interested ...

11-28-06, 11:51 PM
okay I'll get all the bits and pieces together and make up a list of options ...
I got three one more or less stock one wit ha beefed up front end and a mid range motor and one with a big block electric motor. Do not know the speed of them but I will try and shoot a little video too in the AM to show you speed differences. catch me in the AM....

11-28-06, 11:53 PM
definatly want the big block !!!! sounds like my kinda shit ....see ya then ...got controllers too ?

11-28-06, 11:56 PM
yeah got everything you need except a charger...I only have the one.
but I have magnum sport controllers for them.

11-29-06, 09:20 AM
Man that stuff looks like fun. Too bad I spend all my money in school and the Eldo. :(

12-01-06, 06:39 AM
I usedta have an uncle who built/flew planes. Don't think any of them had a wingspan less than 5'... Some nice work too...
But that was WAY TOO MANY years ago! :)
Don't know whatever became of the planes... his son probably got them and thew them away or whatever....

Woulda really liked to have gotten (at least) one of them... :bouncy: